PreSchool Visits the Barnyard

March 25, 2015

PreK-Farm-visit 0940

The Preschool Classes from my “real job” came out for a farm visit the other day!

Chicken-love 0888

First stop was the chickens and goats.

Chicks 0892

The baby chicks were a huge hit!

Mini-donkey 0894

Then we stopped to say “hi” to Clarence and he said hi back to us! On command - each time. If you want to know how Clarence says hi check out the video on the bottom of this other post.(Click through.)

Bucking-horse-foal 0897

Monkey’s baby was only a few days old. 6 days I think. So she was our next stop.

Brahma-Bull 0853

The “Bull Cows” as I heard many of the kids refer to them were a main attraction! Tooth Fairy came over each time to say hi, get some pets and a few treats.

Bull 0854

He was a total gentleman the whole time and let everyone pet his face and touch his nose and his horns! Not bad for a brahma bull! And yes, he bucks, to see pictures of him bucking at the Cowley Rodeo click here.

Horse 0902

There were a few mares that were more than happy to take the spot light and any attention that could come their way!

Kids-in-puppy-pen 0862

The grand finale was of course a good ol’ puppy loving time!

Puppy-love 0863

This little gal picked up Hank and just really loved him up! She quietly carried him around the entire time. He was happy too!

Puppy-and-kitten-love 0859

And if you have ever been to my house, you know the cats don’t stay out of anything! But that is OK. They were the high light of at least one little boy’s visit!

Puppy-kisses 0954

There were lots of kisses going around! Slim is getting kisses here!

Puppy-kisses-verticle 0913

Lots and lots of kisses! And Loper is giving kisses there!

Thank you Preschool for visiting the barnyard! And thank you for stopping by too! Come back soon! What is your favorite thing to see at the barnyard? (** like what should my next blog post be about?**) Comment below!

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