Full of foals

April 21, 2015

Bucking-horse-herd 0194

The babies have started here at the ranch.

Black-foal-and-kid 0052

Birthday Girl was first. And she is a sweet heart!

Its-my-party-filly 0095

But especially this kid. So the Western Original gave Birthday Girl to him.

Monkey-and-sock-foal 0398

The next foal was out of my mare, Monkey. My Little Cowgirl really has taken a liking to her, and who would’t right?! So the Little Cowgirl has been going out to the field with treats to woo Monkey and her new baby. (I think she wants me to give her the baby.)

And you know - I probably will.

Bay-bucking-horse-colt 0021

This bay beauty is a good solid bucking horse colt. His mother is called the Kicking Mare. (And yes, for good reason.) And his dad is Billy the Kid.

We haven’t settled on a name for him yet. It might be Mr. Popular because when he was born Painted Lady sure thought she would like to raise him as her own and tried to steal him from the Kicking Mare.

Bay-baby-bucking-horse-colt 0073

Or maybe I will call him, Looking Back, because this is how he looks at me all the time.

Just looking back over his shoulder.

Baby-bucking-horse-Spring 0036

This is Spring Beauty. She was the next one born. Out of Billy and Tudy. She is a real go-getter and constantly has her mother on her toes!

Bald-face-bucking-horse-filly 0130

And her cousin Booty, out of Fruity.

Yes, that’s right, we have Fruity and Tudy. There was a Rudy (but he sold.) Now it is Beauty and Booty. We are real creative that way.

Curly-bucking-horse-foal-tail 0151

Look at that perfect kinky tail!

Sorrel-bucking-horse-colt 0146

A big, raw boned horse colt out of “The Old 13 Mare.” He doesn’t have a name yet. Heck his mother barely has a name.

Baby-bucking-horse-colt 0169

Look at those knees! Those legs! Those ears! That fuzzy chin! This kid is going to grow!

Bobby-Sue-Bucking-horse-foal 0076

Oh but then there is this girl! This little doll is out of a mare called Bobby Sue and Dick’s good stud Billy the Kid.

Bay-bucking-horse-filly 0077

This is the one I love! Do you think the Western Original will give her to me? Look at that glass eye, that pretty blaze, that smart little face!

glass-eyed-bucking-horse-foal 0103

Oh yes, I love this little filly! And she comes up to see whatever I am doing too!

Red-Cat-Foal 0290

But wait - What’s this? My mare Miss Kitty with a brand new baby! Just hours old here!

Red-Cat-Bucking-horse-filly 0335

Still a little wobbly! She is a Miss Kitty x Billy the Kid filly. I am trying to decide whether to name her Billy Red Cat or Gifford Red Cat.

Baby-miniature-horse-colt 0212

And one last super surprise for the day!


My Little Cowgirl had her first miniature horse foal!


A buckskin colt with two fabulous blue eyes! It doesn’t get much better than that! She has named him Pumpkin Spice.


Nice Photo Bomb!

Ok, I need name ideas! Comment below with your best ones!

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! We only have oneDalmatian girl left from all our spring puppies! Check her out!

Ya’all come back you hear!

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