Pumpkin Spice

May 14, 2015

live-like-someone-left-the-gate-open 0898
pegasus-baby-horse 0838
mini-foal 0808

And he is Spicey!

Baby-mini-horse-with-wings 0883

We brought him out to the alfalfa field for a quick photo shoot...

Miniature-horse-with-wings 0878

With wings because - we can.

Flying-baby-mini-horse 0846

And he went crazy!

Miniature-horse-baby 0824

Running wild!

Baby-Miniature-horse 0889

Then we took the wings off...

Miniature-horse-colt 0898

And he went even faster!

Until he ran into the irrigation ditch.

Then the photo shoot was over.

Mooothers-Day 0788

By the way happy mother’s day. Only a little late!

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! We are having so many babies these days! It is so fun. I will try to get you all caught up on pictures.

I will have miniature austrailian shepherd puppies and my last litter of poodle puppies available in about 3 weeks.

One last darling Dalmatian is still available!

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