JulieAnne - She’s sold

June 8, 2017

IMG 7333

It has been a wet spring! And the grass is growing! And the horses are fat and shiny! It is time to get some sold and get them to work.

IMG 7335

Meet JulieAnne. She is a 15 year old grade quarter horse mare. (She was papered but the people we bought her from didn’t have the papers.. one of those things.)

IMG 7336

She’s easy to catch and is polite. She is between 14-15hh. She seems to like women more than men.

IMG 7339

Kids can ride her. She is well trained. Moves off leg pressure. And I think she knows quite a bit.

IMG 7341

She’s kind and quiet. Rides down the road or trail with out spooking.

IMG 7344

Gorgeous golden palomino color with flaxen main and tail.

IMG 7343

With a kind, quiet eye.

Erin-Stiver-Henson 8252

She is fond of hugs.

Wyoming-Between-the-ears 8246

And just a nice gal to go on a ride with.

Update - She’s sold! $1500 Please call 307-254-3968. Thanks so much! Erin

More horses for sale.

Thanks for stopping by the barnyard! I have tons of other horses I am preparing to post on the web page! Check back soon!

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