First Baby of 2017

May 10, 2017

Bucking-horse-mares 0781

We went out to check the bucking horse mares on Sunday, May 7 and look what we found!

Bucking-horse-mares 0783

Look fast, there they go!

Bucking-horse-baby 0871

First bucking horse baby of the year! Out of Billy Both Socks and a mare that we bought from Rob Tillett.

And you will never believe this in a million years, but he was born on my friend Billie Tillett’s Birthday! Can you believe that?!

I have no choice but to name this colt Billy Tillett. There is just no other way.

Billy-the-kid-bucking-horses 0801

Like a good uncle, Billy the Kid came to check us out, while we checked out his mares.

Gifford-and-Billy-checking-the-bucking-mares-together 0833

Gifford and Billy watching the mares.

Gifford-and-billy 0839

And saying, “Howdy."

Gifford-and-Billy-handshake 0845

And sharing a handshake.

Bucking-horse-baby 0876

While the boys where exchanging formalities, it gave the baby time to stretch out in the shade. But as I got closer mom gave him a little nudge.

Bucking-horse-baby 0880

And up he went.

Bucking-horse-babies 0888

And off they went.

And foaling season is officially started yay! Stop back again to see more baby pictures, I love to share them! Thanks so much!

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