Beneath These Western Skies!

June 28, 2017

IMG 7507

If they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain mornin'
Watched those cotton candy clouds roll by

IMG 7511

They'd know why I live beneath these western skies

IMG 7502

I got peace of mind and elbow room I love the smell of sage in bloom

IMG 7503

Catch a rainbow on my fishin' line
We got county fairs and rodeos, ain't a better place for my kids to grow

IMG 7508

Just turn 'em loose in the western summer time
And if you ever held your woman on a summer's evening

IMG 7509

While the prairie moon was blazin' in her eyes
You'd know why I live beneath these western skies

IMG 7510

You ain't lived until you've watched those northern lights
Set around the campfire and hear the coyotes call at night

IMG 7501

Makes you feel alright!

Thanks for swinging by the barnyard tonight and enjoying the trampoline fun we had! Captions are lyrics from one of my favorite Chris Ledoux songs, obviously I give hime the credit. Here's a link!

We’re headed out for a ride! I’ll be posting pics of that shortly! Come back soon!

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