Heath Makes Friends with the Cats

October 22, 2015

** Update Heath is sold!

DSC 0760

We were out taking puppy pictures the other day. Generally at least a few cats come along to add some spice to the photo shoot.

Heath says, “Hey Andy cat want to be friends?"

DSC 0783

I love you Andy Cat.

DSC 0785

Please be my friend Andy Cat.

DSC 0786

No! Not on your life!

DSC 0790

Andy Cat is no friend of dog.

DSC 0795

Tara Cat, will you be my friend?

DSC 0796

Please be my friend, Tara Cat?

DSC 0797

Not on your life yucky puppy!

DSC 0798

Be gone yucky puppy!

DSC 0799

Mom! The cat is mean and says hurtful things!

DSC 0770

Heath, the cat whisperer, is still available. ** Update, Heath is sold.

DSC 0810

He is waiting for your call at 307-254-3968.

DSC 0820

Copper is available too. (* update - Sold.)

Thank you for joining me and the boys here at the barnyard. Come back soon!

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