Leaping Lacey

October 29, 2015

DSC 0790

I take tons of puppy pictures around here.


You get to see these cuties, like CinnaBear. And I try to post the loveliest photos possible. (He is sold)


DSC 0885

But do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at these Puppy Shoots?

Here you go.

There was Pearl, just walking along minding her own business when….

DSC 0886 (2)

Out of no where a leaping Lacey shows up!

DSC 0887

“The wonderful thing about Lacey, is Lacey's a wonderful thing...

DSC 0888

She’s bouncy, flouncy, full of fun, but -

DSC 0893

She’s the only one!

DSC 0894

Yes, she’s the only one!"

DSC 0895

I think Bronco is OK with that.

There are a couple Dalmatian Puppies that are still available. Be sure to check out the new photos.

We are gearing up for Halloween!

And I have updated my horses for sale page.

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! TTFN Ta-Ta-For-Now!

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