My Big Old Birthday Boy!

Sept 15, 2015


This is my “baskeddi" eater.


My soldier/spy/uncover agent/cowboy/indian and adventure guy.


He’s my animal rescuer. My big foot believer.


Soda guzzling.


T-ball playing.


Little boy.


Except- now he’s 12! One year from being a teenager. In Middle school!


Playing Football!

His take on his first football game which happened to be on his birthday - “Well I didn’t make any touch downs, but the team could not have won it without me!”

I think football is good for this kid!


As part of his birthday celebration we went for a ride down by Big Horn Lake.


Zoey rode Jet, Aiden rode Bullet, I rode Booger, Dick rode Wheezer and Addie was on Diablo. (She took this photo.)


As we were heading back to the horse trailer Aiden looked at me and grinned, “See mom, I told you this Cowboy Way of Life would agree with me.”

I couldn’t agree more!


At the end of the ride I asked for a funny face picture.

Some do it better than others.

Happy Birthday Aiden!

I believe I will be making puppy announcements in about 2 weeks stay tuned! If you would like to get email notifications so you know what is going on before anyone else shoot me an email and ask to be signed up!

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