August 27, 2015

Facebook told me yesterday was National Dog Day.


But you know everyday around here is Dog Day!


They are just our life!

But I thought I’d use the holiday as an excuse to update you on all the exciting things we have to look forward to this fall!

Chief x Gidget

Gidget and Chief will be having their third litter! We’ve kept back one of their pups and she is such a beauty!

Elvis-and-Delilah 1584

Elvis and Delilah will be having a litter. (I never saw the “action” but her tummy is getting bigger! Definite Baby Bump!)

JAck x Rainy

Jack and Rainy are expecting a litter. They have lovely pups!

Fancy-National-Dog-Day 0830

And Fancy (the pup we kept from Gidget x Chief litter) will have her very first litter this fall as well!

Mini-Aussie 0170

This is the father of Fancy’s litter.He is toy sized Championed show dog from Oklahoma and is just super cute! But I havent taken many pictures of him. I better get my camera out! SayCheese" Porter!


Yes everyone is jumping for joy!

Except maybe my computer programmer/web designer (who just happens to be me) because I am STILL having trouble with my email links from this page! I think I have the issue resolved. BUT if you try to email me and don’t get a response, please call me! 307-254-3968. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

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