This is how we roll!

August 17, 2015


Living in this beautiful country, we don’t enjoy it as much as we should. I mean we appreciate it, but we seldom take a day and go play in this wonderful world God has created.


But when little girl birthdays roll around, time stands still! Addie’s biggest wish (besides going to Canada for her birthday) was to take her best friend and some ponies to Big Horn Lake for a swim.


So we loaded up two happy girls, one growing boy, three ponies and a couple pups and headed to the lake!


The water was perfect for swimming! The exact right temperature!


Even the ponies seemed to enjoy it.


Dick’s little princess dog, Holly, enjoyed the water and ran a round and enjoyed the day.


While Jewel just liked laying in the shallows and playing it cool!


But that wasn’t the end to our pony shenanigans! After getting everyone cleaned up and groomed and shiny at the county fair, Addie thought Spicy needed a bath. But I couldn’t let him get cold!

Bubble bath time!


Dick’s grandkids were in Cody the other day. Since they couldn’t come visit the farm, we brought the farm to them! Spicy is quite the backseat driver!


Dragging Main in Cody, Wy! Yep this is how we roll!

Thank you for joining us!

There is surprising little news here at the barnyard. All the Mini Aussie pups have found homes, and I haven’t had any new litters. I don’t think we have any dalmatians coming in the next few months…

But I am updating my horses for sale page!I have a few more good riding horses to add and some more good project horses. So check back in if you want to see more of our available horses here!

Until next time!

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