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August 7, 2017

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Just when you think you have your ducks in a row, your ponies lined out, your life clicking away on the track you want...

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Dick got bucked off a horse and lit on his back… long story short, he broke three ribs, fractured several others and fractured his spine. But more scary, he punctured his liver and spleen and was bleeding internally.

He was life-flighted to Billings. He spent time in the ICU and the regular hospital.

He is home now, and doing well, but moving pretty slow. All the chores are on me as he recovers.

(Worst selfie ever, btw!)

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The kids are helping a lot!

But it has been a bit of a rough couple of weeks.

Physically and emotionally, both.

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Luckily we have snuck out for a couple hours of summer fun here and there.

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And when we can’t sneak out, we make our own fun. (They are swimming with their frogs.)

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This last weekend we ended our rodeo season with Washakie County Fair Rodeo in Worland on Friday and the Big Horn County Fair Rodeo in Basin on Saturday.

IMG 8305

I think we are ready to start getting ponies rode and up for sale again.

IMG 8297

And get puppies pictures taken and puppies announced.

Thank you everyone for your patience with me as I crawled into my own little hole this last couple weeks and only did what was absolutely necessary. It helped me heal and rejuvenate and I am ready to go again!

I will be answering texts, emails, Facebook messages and more over the next week. (I am way behind on correspondence!)

Addie-baby 0396

In other news! Guess what Thursday is?!

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My “little” Cowgirl turns 12! Can you believe it! I have one more year before she is a teenager! Everyone help me wish the best birthday in the world to my sidekick and best friend Addie! Love you darling!

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