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(From March 15, 2012)

It was a lovely Wednesday evening. It is always a lovely Wednesday evening when Billie, Richellena and Freedom come for a visit. It is a lovely anyday evening when Billie, Richellena and Freedom come to visit.

Billie, Richellena and Freedom, The Girls, are our extended family. They live a mile or so down the highway and ride their horses over to our place. We always have so much fun! We play with ponies, we play with puppies, we make rice crispy treats (from Scratch, they didn’t even know you could do that! But everyone agrees it is the ONLY way to go!) It doesn’t matter that we have to do chores, or that there is often times bedroom cleaning involved, when we get together with The Girls we always have so much fun!

Yesterday was especially fun! The weather is just warming enough to make the evenings comfortable and everyone wanted to be outside!

The kids caught both little ponies.

Oh yeah, did I tell you we bought another little pony for the little cowgirl to train? His name is Froggy and we paid waaaaaaaay too much for him.

And he has been worth every dime!

Anyway the kids had the ponies out, and then there are like what, 11 dogs on the ranch right now. So 5 kids + 11 dogs + 2 mini ponies equals great joy!

The first time I looked The Boy had S’mores and he was trying to climb on her back. Poor Boy has not got the greatest coordination right now. And how could he? He grows 2 inches every-other-week and that is just the size of his feet! Anyhow – The Boy had S’mores and he was trying to mount up. To complicate his life he had a rifle (toy) in one hand and refused to put it down for his horse back adventure. He gave a great leap and went up -

And Over –

And back down.

S’mores just stood there while he giggled laying under her big pony belly.

Then Richellena and the little cowgirl fashioned a wagon out of the new sled the kids got for Christmas. (That we haven’t used because there hasn’t been any snow.) And baling twine (a favorite building material on most ranches) and two pillows.

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I held my mommy tongue.

I didn’t fuss because the sled could get ruined on the dirt.

I didn’t fuss because the pillows belong in the house and they should at least have pillow cases on them.

And it was worth it. Nothing got ruined. Nothing got hurt and everyone had fun!

They had the ponies in the front yard. We just built the front yard fence and it was useless. The dogs didn't stay in. The chickens didn't stay out. Then the chickens would get in and couldn't get out, which allowed the dogs that didn't stay in, to come in and catch the chickens who should stay out, but come in and then can’t get out. And the kids can’t go in or out and I hate opening the gates as well…. So in short the front yard fence is coming down!

The kids did have fun in it last night.

They had both the ponies in there. I looked once to see The Boy on Froggy. The Boy's ankles were near Froggy’s ears, his knees on either side of Froggy’s neck and his giggling head was resting on Froggy’s back. All the while he was laughing and encouraging Froggy to move by giving him a tap in his butt with his toy riffle every time he stopped.

This was frequently.

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Richellena had raked the yard to perfection.

And The Little Cowgirl and Freedom were “Cooking.”

Freedom said, “We are making pasta. We have straw for the spaghetti, oats for the sprinkles and we have horse turds for meat balls.”

It is a good thing they had not come up with any pasta sauce yet!

Come back again for more barnyard fun!

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