Monkey the wonder mare

The person who said diamonds are a girl's best friend, never owned a horse.

Update - Monkey has found her home! She is going to be a pampered kid horse!

And if you want to talk about a horse that will be your best friend, you don't have to look any farther than Monkey. She meets you at the gate and just looks for someone to give her attention. She is full of love, has tons of heart and is kind and gentle.

IMG 0858

When Dick first brought her home, I have to admit, I wasn't in love. But the little gal was always following me around and getting into things. "What are you doing you little monkey?" I would ask her. And in short order she became Monkey.

We bought her from some people that had saddled her and done some ground work but never had the guts to climb on up. So I did.

Boy did they miss out! She is a doll! Turns, stops, backs, lopes, every single thing I asked her to do, she did it on her first ride! Krysti was watching just assumed Monkey was a broke horse. No one would ever have known it was her first ride.

IMG 1038

Krysti and I took her up for our Friday, Friday! ride a few weeks ago. Her first ride "out." Other than the scary lava monster that was the highway (which we quickly jumped into and learned it wasn't so bad) Monkey never took a bad step!


So today The Little Cowgirl rode Jet, out all by herself.


The Boy rode Jalopy, The Western Original rode Prince.


And I rode Monkey on her third ride! (Well, technically I rode her for 5 minutes early this spring for her second ride, which makes this her fourth ride, but I am choosing not to count that.)

We ponied horses, crossed raging rivers (ok maybe just a creek but still…) went up and down hills and rode through a loose herd of horses. She is amazing. I love her. She loves everyone. She'll be someone's best friend!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard come back soon!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard!

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