Easter Sushi

Easter-minion 0121

Look at my little easter bunny! She’s one in a minion!

And she loves sushi! California rolls to be exact. In fact once on a trip to “the city” she had her heart so set on eating sushi that when she found out the restaurant was closed the only way to console her was to buy her a fish. A live fish.

Yes, the irony is not lost on me. And no, she refused to name the fish sushi. And no, we did not eat the fish… yet.

Easter-Sushi 0124

So when uncle Jared came up from “the really big city” and asked what she wanted he brought her all the supplies to make her California Rolls!

Easter-Sushi 0125

Then taught her how!

Easter-Sushi 0126

Sushi chefs in the making!

Easter-Sushi 0127

And the first taste test...

Easter-Sushi 0128

Gotta go all-in!

Easter-Sushi 0129

Every last crumb...

Easter-Sushi 0130

Almost there!

EASTER-sushi 0134

Yep, the seal of approval.

Easter-Sushi 0135

Finger lickin' good!

Easter-Sushi 0139

Uncle Jared invented a roll he likes to call the Piggly Wiggly.

Easter-Sushi 0140

First taste test...

Easter-Sushi 0142

Yep, it gets the uncle Jared seal of approval.

Paparazzi 0247

One last image from this weekend. I swear I feel like paparazzi most of the time, but this photo… Doesn’t it just look like I caught a movie star or famous athlete heading somewhere with his daughter.

And yes, ladies uncle Jared is single.

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard for the first annual Easter Sushi tradition in the making!

There are updated mini aussie pictures.

And available Dalmatian puppies!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013