Family Photos

May 22, 2015


I asked my friend Ramie Edwards to come do a portrait session with me and my family.


And Ramie Delivered!


She got some fabulous ones of the Kiddos!


Of course my kids know how to pose for a camera!


They’ve been my models all their lives!


It is a little harder with me. I belong behind the camera, not in front of it! And ol’ Booger wasn’t that thrilled about his modeling career either.


But Ramie got some great photos of me that I can use here and on Facebook.


She made it look so calm and peaceful and professional….


When really, this is what the photoshoot really looked like!

Thank you Ramie! I really treasure these photos!

And if anyone is looking for a photographer in this area - I highly recommend her! Check out her beautiful web page - just click here.


And look at my beautiful birthday cake! Cammy and my Little Cowgirl worked on it together. Very secretively! Best - Cake - Ever! Thank you Cammy!

And what a wonderful birthday! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!

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