Baby Ducks!

June 6, 2015

Baby-Ducks 0187

I feel like Old McDonald… Here a duck, there a duck, everywhere a sitting duck! Quack, Quack. All my ducks have gone broody! Black duck is sitting.

Baby-Ducks 0186

Agnes is sitting. See her?

Baby-Ducks 0185

Yep, there she is!

Baby-Ducks 0180

And Eleanor is sitting.

Baby-Ducks 0183

Or was sitting! Now she has babies!

Baby-Ducks 0206

She has started taking them out for little strolls around the barnyard.

Baby-Ducks 0261

They are just so fluffy!

Baby-Ducks 0269

Huey, Duey and Luey? You think?

baby-ducks 0229

We have been filling the puddle in the middle of the driveway for them.

Yes, I know. I may be the only person in Wyoming right now that is actually filling her mud puddle with hose water.

Baby-ducks 0234

And after a snack, and a swim it’s back to the shade for a -

Baby-Ducks 0298

That’s right, a nap!

baby-ducks 0302

Sleep tight little ducklings, your mama is taking good care of you!

Thank you for joining me here at the Barnyard!

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Until next time! ~ Erin

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