How to bomb proof a pony

bomb proof

Yes, this is the truth! Welcome to the barnyard, where the girls have been busy bomb proofing the ponies! (I saw this online the other day and just had to share!)

IMG 3639

Here at the pony circus Billie is teaching Molly to stand in a tractor tire. Why? Because the tire is there, so the pony should stand in it. That’s all.

IMG 3640

And if Molly does it, so should Sara.

IMG 3641

And then into the barn, where the pony beauty treatments are given. The Girls got Dapples’ mane and tail all combed so nicely, and we were thinking, “How fun would it be to dye the pony hair?!” That’s when someone remembered something they saw on Pinterest about dying hair with Kool Aide.

Away we went.

IMG 3642

I had cherry Kool Aide. That should make a cute, Easter-colored pink tail right?

IMG 3644

Yeah, turns out, not so much.

Looks like Game of Thrones meets My Little Ponies if you ask me.

(Darn it now I have the My Little Ponies theme song stuck in my head…)

IMG 3645

But why say whoa in a horse race, right? We tied the tails up with baggies to let them sit.

IMG 3648

Then went to rinse them out.

Yep, next time I am going with lime, grape, cool blue, anything but red!

Looks like poor Sara just foaled!

IMG 3649

And speaking of pony tails, looks like my little cowgirl took the term a little too literally!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard for some pony shenanigans! Please come back soon! There’s bound to be more fun!

DSC 0429 - Version 2

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