Mama’s a One-Hit-Wonder

February 9, 2016

I posted this short clip of my bull, Tooth Fairy, throwing a tantrum the other day on the rodeo Facebook page. Just for fun.

IMG 4227 (1)

And like BOOM! People loved it! I have never had a post go so big! Look at the reach - almost 600,000 as of today!

And only a week after posting this video has been seen by a quarter million people!

IMG 4223 (1) copy

I am getting comments in different languages!

IMG 4234 copy

Some people like Blue had a fabulous sense of humor and made me choke on my coffee, laughing in the morning.

Many people like Yellow know Dick and know this is pretty mild behavior from his bulls.

And lots of people like Pink just wondered why the bull is behaving this way.

IMG 4230 (1) copy

Then there are the “experts.” Like Navy boy and Red here.

They know more about my bull’s breeding than I do, apparently.

Considering I know which bull jumped the fence and bred the neighbor’s black cow, so that to keep peace we bought her heifer calf (for some reason black calf producers don’t care for spots!) And then I know what bull I bred the half angus heifer to and thus my bull...

But, hey, go ahead Red, tell me I’m wrong.

IMG 4178 copy

Turns out Greenie knows more than me too!

IMG 4180 copy

Then you have these experts.

I don’t think cool ground is the desired outcome. It was 20 degrees with the wind blowing.

IMG 4228 (1) copy

Sigh. Yes, ear problem. Let’s diagnose it that way.

I think maybe attitude problem!

IMG 4229 (1) copy

And finally - cherry on the cake - a job application!

page likes

But wow! Look at the page likes I got!

My stats went through the roof!


If you are curious, here is the real reason he is throwing his bull-fit.

He and his brother Scary Larry have been feuding. We’ve had to keep them separate since early December. Now whenever they get a visual on each other - “It’s on like Donkey Kong!”

(You can sure tell who has been doing the digging, huh?! Tooth is standing in Bull Hole!)

Bull-riding-babe 5949

Any way, he is still my bull Tooth Fairy. And I love him. Even if he is famous, and has a bad attitude right now!

IMG 4236

Unfortunately my subsequent Facebook posts did not reach to the same levels!

IMG 4235

But that’s Ok, my daughter Addie just gives me a high five and says, “Mom, turns out you're a one-hit-wonder!”

I guess I’ll just take that!


Thank you for stopping by, Ill try not to let myOne-Hit-Wonderstatus go to my head! Come back soon, well leave the light on for ya!

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