Wyoming Sushi Roll Tutorial

December 28, 2016

california roll

For a bunch of red necks from Wyoming my family is very fond of sushi. California rolls in particular.

Easter-Sushi 0125

My brother Jared taught Addie to make these rolls on Easter of 2015.

Redneck-sushi 3533

And now whenever there is a family get-together or special occasion we like to make some sushi rolls. Christmas 2015

at-the-ocean 0074

This year my family is all gathered at a beach house in Oregon. I couldn’t go this time around. (I’m in the middle of moving and building a house, and raising puppies and… well more on that later. But I stayed home.)

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Part of my sister, Beth’s, Christmas present from me was all the tools and most of the ingredients to make sushi. So I promised her I would put together a tutorial for her so that she could visit and make sushi all on her own.

Start with sushi rice. I buy mine on amazon. Make sure to rinse it several times till the water around the rice is clear. (This is the step I forgot a couple times and trust me your sushi will NOT be good unless you remember to rinse your rice!)


After cooking the rice according to directions, pour it into a large bowl while one person fans it, another stirs it. As the rice is stirred and cooled add the sushi rice dressing a little at a time. (Click on the pictures for morethoroughdirections)

Dressing for sushi rice recipe

2-2/3 cups sushi rice or short-grain rice

2-1/2 cups water

3 tbs. rice vinegar

2 tbs. sugar

1-1/2 tsp salt

from Wikihow


Cover the sushi mat with plastic. Keep a bowl of water handy to rinse fingers and keep rice from sticking to your knife.


Pat some rice onto your nori. Then flip nori over.


Layer crab (imitation if you are making it in Wyoming), avocado and cucumber on your nori.


Then roll. Keeping firm pressure on your mat.


Slice and enjoy! Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and siracha. Have fun playing with ingredients. (These photos are from the BrownEyedBaker.com click on the photos for additional instructions.)

I made a surf and turf with home raised beef tenderloin, shrimp, carrots and avocado that I think was about as good as any roll I’ve had.

Jared made one withBBQedwild boar meat he called the piggly wiggly that was darn good too!

Here is a nice video to help.

Thank you for joining me here at the barnyard! Be sure to check out the puppies! And stop back again soon, I am going to be filling you in on all the moving and house plans! So exciting I can’t hardly wait of you to see it.

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