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April 26, 2016

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And this is how things can get crazy in a hurry around here!

Spring time is here - sort of- like how Wyoming spring time rolls around. With damp weather and lots of wind. We saw a break in the cool and decided we’d better get some studs gelded before it got yucky again.

So Saturday found Addie, Dick and I at the rodeo grounds doing some “brain surgery.” We did about a half dozen studs and thought we had put in a good day’s work!

(Aiden had a track meet.)

IMG 5510

Then Sunday hit. I needed to make my Walmart run, Dick had some horses to look at up near Cody and Aiden really, really wanted a meatball sub! So to the city we went!

Dick looked at a couple nice fat mares that were supposed to be the riding type. (Actually the one in question is supposed to be a kid horse… Verdict is still out on that one!)

After price was agreed upon Dick took the mare and put her in the trailer. While he was tying her she pulled back and pop! There went the end of his ring finger on his right hand. Just that quick and it really flew too!

So we headed to the ER. (After I gathered the poor little end of the finger just in case.) And spent a good 4 hours there before Dick was released. We decided it would be a better option to go with an amputation than try to reconnect the severed end.

IMG 5522

His surgery was scheduled for Monday. Back in Cody. The finger had been broke off somewhere right below the nail, they wanted to go in and smooth down that bone so there wouldn’t be any sharp edges under his skin, make sure there wouldn’t be any weird finger nail growth and stitch the skin back together.

After something like 10 hours at the hospital (most of that time waiting) Dick was all patched up and feeling fine. So fine the thought of me driving the truck and trailer home terrified him. (So at least he's still got some common sense) But next time he needs surgery I think I'm going to take him to the vet. They've done lots of amputations for me. And much quicker about it too.

So in the mean time - Puppies!

Thank you all for your support and understanding! Your prayers and well wishes you are the best! (And your patience about puppy pictures.)

It has been cool and windy here, so I took puppies to Dick’s real estate office where we had some fabulous sunshine coming in the windows that was great to film in. I gave the pups colored collars so you could tell who is who and then I filmed. I hope you enjoy!

Pink - Lilo (was Squirt),Green - Chief, Blue - Revelry (was Dispatch), Teal - Siren, Purple - Nika (was Blaze), Red - Snoopy (was Engine)

If thisvideo won’t play here this is the direct youtube link:

Pink - Annabelle,Purple - Jezebelle, Green - Louie (was Leroy), Teal - Luke (was Jed), Red - Rocco (was Grainger), Blue - Remi (was Amos), No collars - Maci (was Josey) and Barret and Haley.

Haley is the last available puppy (as of 2-26-16.)

If thisvideo won’t play here this is the direct youtube link:

Dick is healing up well, and I am trying to keep him from using his hand! Harder said than done. But please, please be patient with me, I was sort of pretty busy before, but for the next couple weeks I am going to have to do all my work and all of Dick’s too!

So please help me stay on top of things. I will be honest and tell you I haven’t got the mail since like last Thursday (I am going to do that tomorrow!) So if your pup hasn’t been marked deposit paid, give me 24 hours. Then check with me.

And please remind me ahead of time when you plan to come pick up your pup. I have every intention of getting things quite organized very shortly… but again. I think I will work on that tomorrow!

Thanks so much for stopping by the barnyard. I hope you enjoyed seeing the pups. I will keep you updated on Dick’s progress! Till next time!

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