Dalmatian Puppies in May

May 3, 2016

Dalmatian-puppies 0174

The weather is finally clearing up (for the moment at least!) We had some sun! and Heat! so it was time to take the spotty babies out for a photoshoot!

Chief says, “Tag, you’re it!"

Dalmatian-puppy 0159

This was pure spotty puppy fun!

Dalmatian-puppy 0156


Dalmatian-puppy 0168

Chief (look at those forehead wrinkles!)

Dalmatian-puppy 0199


Dalmatian-puppy 0207

And Nika!

Dalmatian-puppy 0105

Thanks so much for stopping by the barnyard. I hope you enjoyed seeing the pups. Dick and his finger are healing up well! Till next time!

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