Summer Fun

February 19, 2018

Snowy-Bucking-horses 6120

It is cold and snowy here. Sort of miserable really.

Cold-and-snowy-chores 6121

And the real bummer is that when you have livestock, the less you WANT to be outside, the more you NEED to be outside. Darn it.

Tooth-Fairy-in-the-snow 6122

This weather makes everyone grumpy! Including Tooth Fairy!

School was even delayed for a couple hours this morning. And the worst weather is yet to hit tonight. Brrrrr!

Erin-Stiver-Henson-at-Boysen-Reservoir 7601

So I thought some summer pictures might cheer me/us up a bit? This was from July 2017 at Boysen Reservoir.

Boysen-Reservoir-Wyoming 7574

The reservoir and camp ground was pretty flooded from all the snow we got last winter. (I wonder what it will be like this year?)

Addie-Cowpoke-Corner 7765

We met dad and Jared down there and it was warm, but there was a storm rolling in.

Aiden-Cowpoke-Corner 7779

Right just now, I can’t imagine being outside with a tank top on and feeling warm, especially with clouds and wind and a storm.


But clearly it was possible. And we had just enough time to enjoy the tubing before we got blown off the lake.

Sleeping-puppy-in-a-food-bowl 5924

Those were good times, but right now I feel like doing what Angus is doing… Hibernating in my food bowl.

Rainy's-mini-aussie-puppies 6127

I just updated my puppy pictures today. There are some cuties! Check them out at my available puppies page.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please stay warm and be careful on icy roads! Come back soon!

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