Seed bead earrings

February 16, 2018 - Happy Birthday Mom!

seed-bead-earrings,-Erin-Stiver-Henson 4900

Winter gets loooong around here. And it gets dark and cold early in the evening. And Netflix becomes a trusted companion. But…. I hate just sitting. So I introduced myself to a new hobby.

Check out the earrings I made!

seed-bead-earrings,-spring-blossom 5338

It is a little tedious, and I am quite slow… but I do love how they turn out. I call these ones Spring Blossom.

Seed-bead-earrings,-cool-waters 5892

People have been asking me about them, so I decided just to do a blog post.These are calledCool Waters.

seed-bead-earrings,-winter-sky 5692

Colors Addie chose, Winter Skies.

seed-bead-earrings,-royal-plummage 5255

A pair I made for a friend, I didn’t get great pics of because I was in such a hurry to get them to her. Royal Plumage.

Seed-Bead-earrings,-fire-and-ice 5700

My Valentine’s Day bling, Fire and Ice.

Seed-bead-earrings,-evergreen-forest 5696

Colors my sister picked out, Evergreen Forest.

seed-bead-earrings,-autumn-boquet 5895

And a new pattern I tried last night, Autumn Bouquet.

Since people are asking, I will sell them. These two patterns will be $20/pair. I can make them to order or you can pick out a pair already made. As I said before, I am really slow… but they are tons of fun!

Blue-Merle-Miniature-Australian-Shepherds 5501

Thank you so much for stopping by. While you are here be sure to check out my available puppies!Come back soon!

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