My spotted ranch hand

May 22, 2018

West,-Dalmatian-Puppy 7664

Sold - headed to Sunny California!


He was the first in the litter to be chosen, and he went to live with a loving family for a couple weeks. He was an 18-year-old boy’s graduation present. He was spoiled and loved, potty trained and taught to walk on a leash.

dalmatian-puppy 8786

Circumstance changed, the family made a hard decision and tearfully brought him back to me.

Dalmatian-puppies n

Now he hangs out at the ranch with us.


In the mornings we feed the calf and run water.


While I do my inside chores or run around in town he sleeps in a bit of shade.


He helps me with the irrigating.


And the fencing.


This kid loves to cuddle and pad around behind me. He’s never met a stranger and he is learning so much every day.

dalmatian-puppy 8772

His greatest talent is finding the most comfortable place to take a nap!


If you want to get to know this guy call me at 307-254-3968

Thanks! Erin

More information click here.


Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard, please come back soon!

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