My Quiet South Paw

May 23, 2018


South is my little introvert puppy. He is sold.


I used to think he was independent or a loner.


Now I just realize he’s my introvert. And I totally connect with that!


In the mornings he’ll help me water and feed the calf.


In the heat of the day he likes to nap. While all the rest of my dogs kinda like to lay as near the back door as possible, and all together, South will be happy go to a quiet part of the yard and lay in the shade. Alone.


He’ll rough house and play with the other pups, but more often I’ll find him sitting on the sidelines watching the rowdy play.


His greatest joy is when we can sneak off just the two of us and sit by the drain and watch the water and listen to the frogs and birds.


I love his beautiful eye liner and his heart shaped nose. He’s shorter and thicker than his leggy brother.

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If you want to meet my quiet boy give me a call at 307-254-3968.

More information click here.

Thank you for joining us here at the Barnyard! Yall com back, ya here!?

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