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April 11, 2016 Update - All pups are sold or pending! So happy to see them go to fabulous homes!

Cowgirl designer dogs! This is our second litter of what we like to call Cowgirl Designer Dogs! They are half miniature Australian Shepherd and half Pomeranian.

The mother is under 10lbs and the father is between 10-15lbs. These pups have the color and the smarts like their dad, the aussie and the love-everyone-you-meet characteristics of their mom the pom. These are a great option if you like the toy aussies, but they are just a little out of your price range.

These guys where born on Valentine’s Day are are now ready to go. They are tiny little stinkers, but they sure get around and have fun!

These are my daughter Addie’s pups. And she has named them all… very creatively too!

Click here to see photos of the the pup from the last litter.


Sold - Black tri female, brown eyes and docked tail - Midnight Gold - $450. She has tons of character and is totally everyones favorite!


Sold - Blue Merle Female, some blue specks in her eyes, docked tail - Midnight Star -$550. Look at this color and she has spunk to boot!


Pending - Red merle or sable merle male, with blue specks in his eyes, and natural tail and totally the calmest most laid back pup of the litter - Trinidad - $450


Sold - Sable male - natural tail, brown eyes - Dynamite - $350


Pending - Sable and white male, Spirit, a go-getter, loves people, will follow you everywhere! $350

Pomeraussie-and-prek 0231

The preschoolers from my “real” job came out for their annual farm visit this last week. Here is a sneak peak of the visit and a few pretty dad-gummed cute photos!

Pomeraussie-and-prek 0194


Pomeraussie-and-prek 0192

Midnight Gold

Pomeraussie-and-prek 0236


Pomeraussie-and-prek 0246

Midnight Star



Chief 0397

This is their dad, Chief.

Dog-Show 1053

And their mom, Layla, at the County Fair being shown by Addie.

Please give me a call if you are interested in one of these little cuties! Thanks so much for stopping by the barnyard and I’ll talk to you soon! Erin 307-254-3968

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