Labor Day week was so busy! I think I am still trying to recover!

Sat we got to go to the lake. That was fun! And relaxing and great.

IMG 1282
IMG 1285

Sunday we spent the day hauling horses to Meeteetse. It took three loads.

Plus I showed puppies.

Plus I had to pack for the family.

Plus we had to feed and water the animals enough for two days.

Then we stayed up late sewing extra padding to the flanks.

Monday was the rodeo. It was a blast! Check out my previous posts to see some super exciting photos!

Tuesday I had school/Work. Gymnastics at 5:10, soccer at 5:15, and soccer again at 6:15. Plus the usual chores and watering.

Wednesday I should have gotten caught up on things. Instead I decided it was time to deep clean the living room. And it was time, but it took time. Time I didn't really have. But it is so much nicer walking through a clean living room! *Sigh* Or it was for about 2 hours. Till the kids brought the rabbits in the house.

IMG 1377
traffic jam 1308
traffic jam2 1309

Thursday was the Farmers Market in Cody. Check out the traffic jam we got stuck in n the way there?! Dick and Aiden decided maybe they will fill their deer tags with a lariat this year!

We went out for fabulous Irma Hotel Prime Rib Buffet in honor of Aiden's impending birthday and got home, tired and full and tired.

Waking up Friday was difficult but like a trooper I persisted. We were between Lovell and Cowley when I got a text from Aiden's teacher. "We have made our final pick-up. Is Aiden coming with us today?"

Ugh! head slap! The field trip to YELLOWSTONE! I dropped Addie off at the school, and raced behind the bus trying to catch it. The teachers were super nice and stopped at the Walmart in Cody to let us catch up, but next time young man… OK who am I kidding? I will always chase the bus for my boy. Probably!

Selectin a cantaloupe 1359

Saturday we headed back down to the Worland farmers market. Addie and I made a fun tutorial about selecting a melon. Click here to check it out on my dad's garden web page.

And Sunday we had and amazing Indian Powwow Birthday party! Come back soon to hear all about it.

Sometime during the week my friend Veesha asked me on a Facebook post, Erin do you ever sit still?

The answer Veesha, is not nearly enough!

Thanks for visiting the barnyard! I have so much fun stuff to share with you soon! Please come back!

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