A birthday powwow!

My guy turned 10 here recently, so we had a birthday powwow.

Aiden and Puppies 0228

He wanted a life-size buffalo cake. We talked him into scaling it down a bit.

Bison Cake 0001

Look at what Cammy made him?!

Kids and Cake 1378

Look at the looks on their faces! If you want a cake that is this beautiful and tastes as good as it looks, call Cammy!

Cammy's Elegant Edibles


656 Road 5, Powell, wy • 307-764-2393

Campfire bomb 1382

We madeIndian Elk Steak and Sweet corn from Dad's garden. And we made moose meat Campfire bombs! They were the BOMB!

I got the idea from this gal, so I will give her credit. Go check it out and them make them tonight!


They were so good! The kids ate them ALL on Sunday night then Monday when they got out of school the first thing they asked me was for more campfire bombs!

Kitchen Shelf 1383

While we are in my kitchen - my friend Krysti pointed out all the odd assortment of things I have on my shelf. Strawberry jam, WD-40, dog wormer, Pickles, Banamine, Celery salt, Pepto (for horse upset stomach) and acidolphilus for my my upset stomach. I didn't tell her I keep the emasculators in the drawer with my cookie cutters.

ponies 1434

The kids rode ponies, played on the hay stack and had a wonderful time! We had 6 of the best kids in the world over for the party! Addie is on Molly and Aiden is on Sara.

Blue Pony 1385

Even Blue got rode. She was thrilled.

Erin Stiver-Henson 2013