Battle Winter has Begun!

November 15, 2014

I follow a few bloggers on the world wide web. Ree the Pioneer Woman, andRancher Woman at the 7 MSN. There is one thing we all seem to have in common this time of year, and really throughout the seasons, and that is our obsession with the weather.

It is not as if I watch the weather channel constantly, or am a huge rain gauge tracker, but the weather dictates my day to day activities and I am out in the rain, snow, shine or blizzards. So you are going to hear about it.

I’ll try not to whine all winter, but I will tell you now, I am not a fan of the cold!


The weekend started out warm and lovely. I had plans to ride horses, clean the yard, play with dogs and go for a nice hike with the kids. Along about Saturday morning the words “Arctic Blast” kept showing up on my Facebook news feed, and finally I decided to see how arctic this blast was going to be.

Yikes! I called the Western Original and we changed plans to getting a load of straw and winterizing the barnyard.


This was Sunday evening. We were putting straw along our home and all the dogs' kennels and houses, in our shirt sleeves and we were still sweating. It was nearly 70 degrees. It was unthinkable temperatures could drop to zero and below in the next 48 hours.

But they did.


We woke the next morning to 14 degrees and a fine layer of snirt covering nearly everything.


Snirt = Snow + Dirt.


The wind blew so much snirt and snit around the corrals the bulls’ eyes watered, then their tears froze to their faces. My poor guys!

Snit = Snow + Oh-never-mind. You get it.


We had winterized the chicken run with a tarp. It was supposed to keep chickens in, predators out and add another layer of protection from the elements.

Really all it did was turn my chicken run into a gigantic kite.

Winter 1 — Barnyard 0.


Battle Winter has begun!

Tuesday was 6 degrees. Dropping below zero that night.


By Wednesday we saw -8 and some snow. At least the snow makes everything look a little pretty.


Look at the image my friend Tracy took on her front porch. I love it! Be sure to check out her new blog and encourage her to share some more posts with us at Colts and


The other thing the snow does - it puts me in a Christmas mood! Yes, I know we aren’t even through Thanksgiving, but I am ready to eat goodies and give gifts! So for my first gift of the season I want to have a fun little contest for all of you!

All you have to do is tell me which horse is pictured above and I will send you some goodies in the mail. That may or may not contain chocolate. (Ok they may!)

I have shown you several pictures of this horse, so it should be easy to tell which horse it is. Just send me an email here and tell me the name of the horse and I will put your name in a hat to be drawn for a yummy treat! Drawing to be held Monday, November 24, 2014.

** hint - hint - You can always go back through my posts and find the stories about this horse too. ** Bigger hint - hint. One was published in June.

Yay! My first contest! I am so excited!


The doodles and poodles are getting bigger!

And even with the cold, my goal for this weekend is to get the Christmas Pony Sale up and going!

So thank you for joining me in this wintery, blizzardy, yucky barnyard weather. And be sure to drive safe and stay warm! Until next time! Erin

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