Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April 16, 2018

I decided to put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide this year, not so much to get you to shop, (all though that would be fantastic!) but more to highlight these wonderful women that work hard, love their family and are part of my amazing tribe! 

I am so excited for you to meet these ladies! You are going to adore them! 

Jessica Capp-

Jessie is my cousin and I spent so many holidays in South Dakota as a kid celebrating with Jessie and her family. She is an amazing mother, is totally fearless and loves her family! She knows how to love life! Check her out! 

Jessica Capp

Howdy, my name is Jessica, you can call me “Jessie” everyone else does. I am a busy mom of 2 Boys, Lane age 11 and Jerin “Shorty” age 8. I live near Faith, South Dakota on a ranch with my fiancé Terry. We raise black Angus beef cattle.

I enjoy gardening and the ranch lifestyle. I have three milk cows, chickens, two dogs and many barn cats as well as one rabbit to add to our many horses and cattle. For fun we drive a team of horses on wagon trains.

I love doTerra essential oils and how they can be life changing. You can find more information on Facebook at I’ve got an oil for that. You can also go to

I also do leather work, western accessories, and decor. If you have an idea, I will try to make it a reality. From custom gifts, jewelry, purses, chincs and tack. Or you may just need a favorite item repaired, I do that too.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you in the future.

Dusdee Shepperson

I met Dusdee at our local rodeos and have come to adore and respect her for her hardworking attitude, caring nature and willingness to help others. She is super tough! And can Cowgirl up! She loves her family and her animals and is just a person you want to hang out with and get to know better. 

Dusdee Shepperson

Hi, my name is Dusdee Shepperson.  I am a cowboys wife of 18 years and mother of one wild little 4 year old cowboy! I enjoy raising and training barrel racing horses, who go to the big cowboy to be roped on at times also.  I live in Riverton, Wyoming when I am not traveling to races and rodeos.  

I have been doing therapy on horses for almost 18 years.  I also help people and small animals.  I started out just doing basic rehab and then bought a photonic torch, moved to a cold laser, then went to training for Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse therapy.  I learned to work on horses first and then went to several classes to learn to help people.  I helped re-write the human therapy book to horses and trained several equine classes with one of my friends who started me in the acuscope world.  I have continued on, always seeking to have the latest and greatest technology to keep our athletes at top level and bring them back when their prognosis is grim.  

I am incredibly passionate about helping horses and their people too.  I use every product that I represent and believe in them 100%.  I am a distributor for Theraplate, Flexineb, Draw It Out, Equipulmin, True Colloidal Silver, Plantacea CBD, Flair Strips, BRL Equine, and am currently looking into a Pemf/Massage/Red Light system to add to my endeavors.  I sometimes set up a booth at barrel races. I am actually kind of shy unless you ask me about my therapy or products, then I am hard to get to be quiet.  

You can also keep up with me on my facebook page, The Electric Horse & Rider.  I do have a website, but I am a little slow on updating it. 

Erika Babbit-Rogers

I met Erika at the State Famers Market Convention where she encouraged my daughter to give s speech in front of LOTS of people! She is such a positive, optimistic woman who is creative and hard working! 

I introduce you to the Wyoming Worm Wrangler! You’re going to enjoy getting to know her.

Erika Babbit-Rogers

Hi, I'm Erika, a born and raised Wyoming girl. Animals and our great outdoors are my passion. My love of horses and fiber art is at the top. Having lost horses I have loved made me learn the art of horse hair hitching and braiding. I can make many items from horse hair such as bracelets, key fobs, belts, hatbands. Let your imagination be your guide. I enjoy making a piece of art that will keep a loved horse with you always. 

I also raise earthworms. I compost lots of kitchen waste into worm casting that helps our poor Wyo soils. And I sell bait as well. 

You can get in touch via my email, phone 307-760-6171 or text 307-399-7431. Or check out my Facebook page at Wyoming Worm Wrangler. Hope to hear from you soon!

Patricia Malliot

Patty and her husband Frank have one of my past puppies, that’s how I met her. She is a bubbly woman who can make you smile by just showing up. I love running into her and her husband at the grocery store or cafe. They are so fun to talk with and just love their family and life. 

She is also a GREAT insurance agent, (I know from experience!)

Patty Malliot

I have 5 children & 10 grandchildren. I like camping, fishing, gardening, crocheting & reading. 

I am an independent  supplemental Ins agent. I write for Aflac, which helps to replace your paycheck , if you are unable to work due  illness or injury. If your employer opens an account, you get 30%_50%  discount, per month on premiums. I also write for 8 different companies, to help seniors turning 65, get med-gap and drug plans. 

I can be reached @ 307-664-2398 or

If you want to be listed here on my Mother’s Day post shoot me a message and I will be glad to include you! 

Thank you fo stopping by! Next update will be Dalmatian puppies and I will introduce you to my newest dishwasher! See you soon! 

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