Ty and Spicy

September 22, 2016

ty 0094

Do you remember Ty? I took photos of him when he was just a new born.

Ty 0182

Can you believe he is two now?! I wanted to get some photos of Spicy with a little cowboy, and Tori graciously offered to let me use her little man as a model.

Ty 0277

Two-year-olds aren’t the most cooperative models, however.

Ty 0173

But they do make some amazing faces!

ty 0269

Totally amazing faces!

Ty-and-spicy 0090

And I got some fairly decent shots of the pony and the 2-year-old.

ty-and-spicy 0123

And some pretty entertaining ones!

ty-and-spicy 0292

Thank you Tori for sharing your boy with me!

Spicy 0303

And thank you Ty for being you!

Thanks so much fro joining me here at the Barnyard! I hope to see you again soon!

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