Sledding Barnyard Style

January 20, 2016


Like I said last blog, we’ve had some good snow here. And when you have a snow day you better take advantage of it!

Are you girls ready?



How about you Aiden?

Yeah, he’s ready too!

Goat-sledding 0292

And don’t forget Sally!

Goat-sledding 0302

Hurry up Sally! You’re getting left behind!

Goat-Sledding 0305

“I’m coming!"

Goat-Sledding 0312

She tried riding on the girls’ laps a couple times,

Goat-sledding 0307

But for the most part she kept up with the sledders pretty well! It was the most exercise she has had… like ever!

Goat-Driving 3838

“That was fun,” she says, “But next time I want to drive!"

Sledding Barnyard Style

I thought I would try out a gif, see if it plays on my mobile devices.

And here is a YouTube link if you want to see the full video, full sized.

Sally-Goat 0483

Thank you for joining us here at the Barnyard! While you’re here, have a look at our Mini Aussie and our Mini Aussiedoodle puppies that are available!

Stop by again soon! I have one more snow day blog left up my sleeve!

Erin Stiver-Henson 2013