Let sleeping cats lay

July 18, 2014

DSC 0470

This is Katniss. She is one of our “barn cats.” We adopted her and her brother and sister last fall. They quickly fit right into the the life here at Cowpoke Corner.

I tend to find her sleeping in rather usual spots.

IMG 3083

Newella, a little male cat we rescued, (actually I caught him one very cold winter night with a piece of bologna as bait and my little Cat Whisperer tamed him right down) took over as surrogate mom for the kittens. He looks a little surprised to have one of his “nursing” sessions photographed, doesn’t he?

IMG 2953

Katniss is snuggled right in my lap with the puppies from the Rainy x Jack litter of11-11-13.

IMG 3932

Katniss is not sure wether she is a cat or a dog… or maybe she just doesn’t care. Here she is snuggling with her poodle family. As the poodles got older and they moved outside, Katniss took it upon herself to hunt for them and my darling poodles babies always had a ready supply of fresh rodent and bird.


IMG 4402

She has an uncanny knack for finding interesting places to sleep.

IMG 4412 copy

Sometimes she gives me a heart attack when I see her like this!

DSC 0495

We all look over our vehicles very carefully to make sure she isn’t mid-nap when we start moving.

IMG 4474

However she has learned to stay out of the way. Early this spring she was warming herself under the hood of my car when I loaded up and took my little cowgirl to basketball practice.

She rode 15 miles behind the headlight of the Buick. Luckily she was safe (and really mad.) I was able to extricate her from the headlight compartment (with a little help) and she got to ride in the front seat on the way back home.

DSC 0197

If it is true what they say about cats having 9 lives...

IMG 4509

It is my estimation Katniss has used at least two of them already.

DSC 0497

And the other 7 -

IMG 4609

She will probably end up napping away.

IMG 4576

Any place is a good place to nap if you ask Katniss.

IMG 4426

Before we sign out for the day. Pepita wanted to show you her trick! Take a bow Pepita!

Good Job!

Thank you for joining me here at the barnyard!

IMG 4594

We are still waiting anxiously for Gidget’s pups! Any-day-now always takes too long! Hopefully next post will be introducing you to our newest additions! Farmers Market tomorrow!

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