Head in the clouds

July 21, 2016

Wyoming-skies 6262

It has been several weeks since my last blog post.

Wyoming-skies 6413

I went through the pictures on my phone to see what I could share with you.

Wyoming-skies 6519

After a thorough investigation.


It appears I have had my head stuck in the clouds this summer!

Washakie-farmers-market 6475

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

The Washakie Farmers markets have started! I have been going to Worland on Saturdays to help dad with the markets.

square farmers market ad


pioneer day rodeo ad color

But not this weekend, this weekend is the Cowley Pioneer Day Rodeo!

stamede to fair

And before we know it, we will be headed to the County Fair!!

Photo credit Patti Carpenter, Lovell Chronicle.

Boog 0032

But be sure to come back soon! I will be posting pics of new puppies! Until then you can click through to see who is available!

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