Dental Plan's big spill

Here are two athletes working their hardest! They both walked away from this wreck with no major injuries.

DSC 0249
DSC 0250
DSC 0251
DSC 0252
DSC 0253
DSC 0254
DSC 0255
DSC 0256
DSC 0257
DSC 0258
DSC 0259
DSC 0260

What a breathtaking series of shots! My first instinct was to put the camera down and run out there, but I resisted and got the photos. Not much I could have done in the arena anyway.

Not a boring day around my clan - ever!

Thanks of rejoining us here at the Meeteetse Labor Day rodeo!

If you have a rodeo event you would like to have us bring some good rough stock to, give Dick Gifford a call at 307-272-4083. Or if you are looking for some good ones to buy, we've got those too!

Email me if you are interested in a print!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013