Christmas Time

December 8, 2015


Sometimes I want to do a blog post, but just what do I share?

It’s not that there is nothing to share… there is just so MUCH!


So I go through my photos for inspiration… and today I found some oldies.

From this fall. The mares and colts got into the wrong pasture and they were being super naughty! Would not come out of the pasture back where they belonged!


It did make for some fabulous photos and a great chance to play with some photo editing techniques.


But finally I got tired of playing their games and got out the big gun.


This dog can work!


In just a few minutes we had the mares back where they belonged and my two helpers where tucked into the truck with me.


The barn cats where not impressed.

To say the least.


This has been the most fabulous fall and winter weather I can ever remember!

It was 50 degrees yesterday! And the low last night was around 35. It was minus 30 last year at this time!

I am counting my blessings!


Speaking of blessings, I count these guys twice!


Bronco is growing up to be such a wonderful pup and I am enjoying every day I get to spend with him.

I know his perfect family is out there, and they will find him when the time is right.

Do you think it will be before Christmas?

** Up date Bronco has found his home! **

Gabby 0810 copy

I have just a few mini/toy aussie pups that are ready for Christmas homes. Click through to see them here.

** Update all Christmas puppies have found their homes. Stay tuned for more announcements! **


Tis the season for Santa Selfies!

Oh and!!!

I have been waiting anxiously to share this with you! I found my all-time favorite christmas movie, full length on youtube!

Thats right! Smokey Mountain Christmas for your viewing pleasure! Link below!

And while my family and I were watching that one we found a couple more treasures your family might enjoy as well. Click through to watch them at your leisure!

mickey christmas carol

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for joining me here at the barnyard and enjoy this time of love and joy!

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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