2017 Starts out chilly!


Fjord-merry-Christmas 0013

It was a little different Christmas than we are used to around here.

Black-and-white-horses 0040

The kids got to head to the coast of Oregon with my family.

Christmas-feast-equine-style 0055

While I stayed home to take care of the horses.

Miniature-australian-shepherds-riding-shot-gun 0088

And the dogs.

Erin-Stiver-Henson-how-we-roll 0067

But I had good company.

Wyoming-skies 0142

And took some pretty pictures in the cold!

Wyoming-skies 0152

Really cold! Highs of zero on lots of days!

Wyoming-skies 0157

But it was so beautiful, (I keep reminding myself of that!)

Puzzle 0817

And I did get some fabulous puppy pictures! And the cold never bothered me any, right?!

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