Close to nature...


Look at these boneheads! They are always wanting to know what is going on. Nosey, nosey!


They eat a lot of hay.


Like my boots? I got them on sale. Want to know why I an standing ON TOP of the hay?


Over the years I have learned that many, many little creatures like hay stacks. Some of them are cute and cuddly. We've seen ducks hatch, found baby kitties and spotted many, many deer while loading hay.

Mice love hay stacks, and so do crickets it seems like. There was even a field down near the habitat that was literally crawling with daddy long legs spiders.

But I have been lucky enough to never, never, never find a snake.

Until yesterday.


No, I didn't get a picture of it, I was too busy climbing for higher ground.

And yes it was only a little water snake and he was more afraid of me than I was of him. And blah, blah, blah!

Dick laughed at me, until he realized I was really, REALLY not going to lift anymore of the bottom bales!


It was such a nice day! We had to have a fire and make s'mores!


It was lovely and perfect. All we needed was Uncle Matt to play his guitar so we could sing.


My boots again. Maybe I have found a new obsession. Sorry.


I traveled around the county with Dick the last several days taking pictures of his listings for his new and improved West Agency Real Estate page. Wait till you see it! I am excited!


I did shoot some lovely images!


Yes, it is fall in the Big Horn Basin!

Thank you for visiting the Barnyard! Come back soon, we really love your company!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013