Yeah, I work out...

you go to the gym

Here is a little countrywisdomI have learned.

#1 You can’t go to the August Pony sale at BLS with a 6-year-old girl and expect to NOT come home with a mini horse.

#2 Sea Salt, Caramel and chocolate may be the best flavor combination in the history of forever!

#3 You don’t make a quick stop at the co-op during chick days with an 8-year-old girl without coming home with a chicken. Or 7.

IMG 3433

Meet Pearl. (Named after my grandmother.)

She is the cutest, sweetest, nicest chick you will ever meet in your life. Just ask my little chicken wrangler.

She turned my quick stop at the co-op into a full out afternoon adventure. Thanks Pearl.

IMG 3435

I think the chicken wrangler might have a future in pet photography. I like the staging here.

DSC 0089

The weather has been so much nicer! So we went for a walk. Or a muddy slog. However you want to phrase it.

DSC 0090

My herd came running to greet us. I was hoping to capture one of those majestic horse galloping pictures we all love.

But to me the horses just look like a bunch of goons.

Maybe it is just because I know them.

DSC 0091

Maybe it is because they are just a big bunch of goons.

I think probably.

DSC 0097

Addie and Biggie Blue found each other right away.

DSC 0112

Bandit gets in there for some head scratching action.

DSC 0105

I was watching the dozen or so dogs we took with us.

Pure craziness.

That was Friday.

IMG 3452

Saturday the kids went fishing with grampa Mark. So The Western Original decided it was a good time to go get a load of hay.

Banjo, the dalmatian puppy, came along to entertain me. This was the two of us before the load of hay. All fresh and smiles.


And here is after the load of hay.

My muscles are aching. I am sweaty. I am covered in hay leaves.

Lovely huh.

This is my “Oh you go to the gym, that’s cute” picture.


I am on top of the load waiting for the Western Original to send the tie-downs over the load.

I took a selfie.

I think there is a chance I may need to get a new hoodie.


We are loaded and heading home.

IMG 3456

This is how Banjo looked.

This is how I felt.

And that was Saturday…. There is still Sunday.

Join us soon here at the barnyard! Oh my favorite time of year is just around the corner and the days get filled with more and more barnyard fun!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013