Rosie jumping through hoops

DSC 0262

This is Rosie, she was from our New Year’s Day litter.

DSC 0268

She is 8-weeks old and ready for fun!

DSC 0271

She loves kids, cats, life, food, fun, I don’t know if there is anything Rosie doesn’t love.

DSC 0284

My little cowgirl wanted to teach Rosie to jump through the hula hope. I personally thought it was silly, and hopeless, but stuck around to watch.

DSC 0285

Rosie isn’t really sure where the fun to be had in this gadget is.

DSC 0286

But she knows it has to be lurking around here somewhere.

DSC 0291

Ohh, should I bite it?

DSC 0295

Nothing there...

DSC 0297

She gave it a go! And went right though the hoop!

DSC 0298

Good job Rosie!

DSC 0299

Then she went again!

DSC 0300

Good job Rosie!

DSC 0301

And again!

DSC 0306

Good job Rosie!

DSC 0307

And again?

DSC 0308

Oh - no - SQUIRREL!

Rosie has found a loving home in Virginia it looks like. A home with 5 kiddos and another Aussie to play with. I know she will have a fabulous life!

All the pups from the January litters have sold now, I believe. We are hoping for some summer litters coming soon!

The Dalmatian puppies are getting their spots. So cute! Better check them out!

Thanks for stopping in here at the Barnyard, we’ll see you soon!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013