Down at the Cove

The weather has been hot and muggy the last few days. At least pretty muggy for us! So I decided to load up the kids, a bunch of dogs and an inner tube and head down to the cove. There is a nice little spot in the creek where it bends back and has made a nice swimming hole that has sand at the bottom. A perfect little summer retreat only about a mile from the house.

IMG 0695

Kelsey's pups are two weeks old, so I decided it was time for her to have her first "mommy break." She loves swimming! During the summer she nearly always has muddy feet from playing in the ditch so this trip was right up her alley!

IMG 0729

I also took Sammy and Delilah and Lilly and Chief. I think this is the only pic I got of them all together. They had so much fun!

IMG 0730
IMG 0699

Lilly and Sammy checking out the water.

IMG 0700

Lilly got too close! Poor baby! She went in head first!

IMG 0745

She was really felling bad for herself.

IMG 0744

And her poor ears were so full of mud!

IMG 0757

I cleaned out her ears, and she got some cuddle time, dried out and was feeling much better shortly. If you want a little water buddy, give us a call.

IMG 0773

My guy wanted one last trip on the tube!

IMG 0774
IMG 0775

Trouble is coming...

IMG 0776


IMG 0777

One last attempt...

IMG 0778

Bottoms UP!

Thanks for joining us at our summer escape! Come back soon!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard!

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