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Updated January 11, 2018

God made the horse from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth, and the soul of an angel ~ Unknown.



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Charlie - 16-year-old TB mare. She is grade. She’s a nice big horse, I haven’t measured her, but I bet she is close to 16hh. She likes to go! Not a run-away, but can cover some ground. Fast walk, good smooth trot and she likes to go. Stands nice while you climb on her. Reins around good. Isn’t spooky. I haven’t had a chance to try her on cows or with a rope yet. If I were looking for a horse for myself, she is the kind I’d want to ride. $1,500

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Tres - 3-year-old grade TB/QT palomino filly. She’s been haltered a couple times, but has mostly been on pasture to learn to be a horse, put her feet down and grow. She’s a nice leggy gal and will probably be 15hh or bigger. She shows some thoroughbred. Nice flaxen mane, blaze face and three white socks. She’s beauty! $950

Belle 0741

CCR Poco Boston Belle registered paint mare - Belle - 2012 model. She’s a sweet little thing. Just shy of 15hh I would say. Super calm, Halter broke. My 13-year-old son has saddled her and put the first two rides on her himself. No buck, just a sweetie! She will be a sweetheart to break. Fabulous project for someone. $950

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Boofy - 2-year-old bay roan filly. Well bred cowhorse/cutting horse blood lines. Lowry Star JR and Freckles playboy bred. Cute as a button. We halter broke her as a yearling then turned her out to pasture to let her learn to be a horse. We caught her up this last couple weeks and she took off leading and gentle. Smart and kind. Both parents are good and gentle. My daughter goes out in the pasture with the mares and stud and jumps on her dad bareback and hangs out with them in the herd. He's super good. They aren't super tall horses. Dad's about 14hh. And mom is probably a shade under 15hh. There's a copy of her parents papers. She's not registered but I'm sure she could be (still learning all the hoops to jump through for AQHA). She's probably 750lbs right now. Get her this fall and put some ground work on her and start riding her this spring. A great chance to get some fabulous bloodlines! $800. Lovell Wy. 307-254-3968.

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Billy the Kid,7-year-old bucking horse stud out of Empty Saddles. He is stout and well built at almost 1,350lbs. Billy is smart and quiet and good to handle. He is family friendly, and has been handled and sorted by women and children. We've bucked him a few times in the last three years and had him with the mares several summers. He is good in the chutes and has a real good style of bucking. He produces big, well-built foals that are really smart. $40,000, Lovell, Wy. Dick Gifford, 307-272-4083

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Clarence, 5-year-old miniature donkey stud. He loves people, and would make a great halter breaking donkey. He can be sat on and led around, but he doesn’t really like to be ridden. He is a sweetie and loves people. Makes a fun bray that makes me smile every time I hear it. Buy him as a stud, or I can geld him. $600 more photos/video of him here, here or here.

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Purdie - 2-year-old grade gray filly. She is out of a grade mare from the Arapahoe Ranch and my good Playgun stud. She’s gentle and curious but we haven’t done anything with her. She’s little. Probably will be 14-15hh when grown. She’s a good little project. $600.

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Slick - grade 2-year-old, smokey palomino colt. Born June of 2015. Should mature around 14-15hh.Mom is a good palomino ranch raised mare, Mandy. Beautiful and BUILT! Dad is one of the gentlest, kindest well bred quarter horse studs I have ever met. Goes back to Playgun, Freckles Playboy, Doc O’lena, Smart Hickory and more! This colt should make a real good horse. And a nice easy project. $600

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Strawberry Escape - Nice stout 4-year-old roan mare. She is an easy keeper, she's kind in the herd, gentle to people, you can walk up and scratch her face, and she's good to sort and be around. But his lady BUCKS! We have used her as a saddle bronc and youth ranch bronc horse. She's the one they all want to draw. Comes out kicking and gets her job done! Stands nice in the chutes. She's just one like you'd like to have. We've got babies coming up, and we raise them to sell them. Here's your chance at a real nice kinda mare. Lovell Wy. $4,000 307-254-3968

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Gypsy, 5 year old paint mare. +/-15hh. Practice bucking horse. We used her at Rodeo Bible Camp as a saddle bronc horse, then used her all summer as a youth ranch bronc horse. She's gentle and easy to be around, a good practice/youth type horse. Her mom was a TB saddle horse and her dad was a good big bucking horse stud. She raised a really good colt last year for us. But it is time for her to go somewhere else and do someone some good. $1,250. Lovell, WY.

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10-year-old black mare, exposed to our good stud Billy the Kid ( for a May/June colt. We used her as both a bareback and saddle bronc horse and she really bucked, just snapped her heels! But some of our brood mares where getting old so we turned her out with our stud. She has raised three fabulous foals for us. Breeds every year and puts all she has into her babies. She's easy to handle and halter broke. She tends to keep to herself and isn't bossy or mean to the other horses. Truthfully our mares pick on her. Scales are turning back the other way and we are getting long on mares now. She's a good horse and that colt she'll have this spring will be awesome! $4,500 call Dick Gifford 307-272-4083, Lovell, WY. More photos at

Smooch 6343

Smooch - 3-year-old paint grade gelding. this is kind of a silly picture of him…. But he is a super sweet. he loves to give kisses (thus the name smooch). He learns very fast, really wants to please, and genuinely loves people. If you want a best friend they don’t get much better than this. He is between 14-15hh right now, I don’t know how much more he’ll grow. But he doesn’t look like he will be real big. $1,500

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Z - Two year old grade quarter horse gelding. Born 5-15-15. He should mature to be about 14-15hh. Mom is a good bay roan ranch raised mare (Arapahoe mare). Beautiful and BUILT! Dad is one of the gentlest, kindest well bred quarter horse studs I have ever met. Goes back to Playgun, Freckles Playboy, Doc O’lena, Smart Hickory and more! This colt should make a real good horse. And a nice easy project. $950

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Cocoa - 8-year-old, +/-14hh pony gelding. This guy is gold! I love him! I rode him out on the habitat and he was just a pleasure. He doesn’t know a ton, but is kind and good. Travels nice, comfortable trot and lope. Perks his ears up and just walks right out. Watches where he steps, has a nice work ethic, I just enjoyed riding him. He isn’t a stretch to get up on, but I am 5’5” and I didn’t feel like he was too small for me at all. Put a good handle on this guy and he’ll be a one-of-a-kind! $1050

My phone number is 307-254-3968. I would be more than happy to talk to you about these horse. PleaseCALLme. Thank you for your understanding and consideration of my time as well as yours. Thank you, Erin.

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