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September 14, 2023

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When Josh and I got married he wanted Labradors.†

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Since so many people in my area raise Labs, I decided to go a little different direction and got my boy Thor, a Standard Poodle.†

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Updated 12/11/23

And we have the most beautiful litter of Labradoodles.†

"A cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle, the Labradoodle is a †friendly, loving family dog who's easy on the allergies makes Labradoodles one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. These dogs love activity, just not as much as they’ll love you."†Read more here.

And this litter did not disappoint. They are goofy and loving and playful and oh so smart! Dad is a stand poodle and is tall and lanky and 40-50lbs. Mom is a black Lab and is short and stout and 40-50lbs. I expect puppies to fall in this size range.

These pups are easy to train, want to please and are going on to be very helpful for members of our community.†

These pups were born July 27 and are ready to go to their new homes!†

Labradoodle Wyoming 8650-(1)

Sold - Tex - black male, he has the fluffiest black coat, he is cuddly and very beautiful. His big, brown eyes will melt your heart. $250

IMG 0170

Sold - Buster - blue merle male, Buster wags his tail all the time! He has the cutest curly-haired ears and is sooooo fluffy! $250

IMG 9994

Sold - Jet went to to be a service dog for a girl who suffers severe pain resulting from a TBI.†

Jet has the smoothest coat of the litter, but possibly the biggest personality. He is fast and sassy and playful, but oh he loves his bath! When the hot water jets hit him he just melts! $250

Labradoodle Wyoming 8794

Sold - Belle went to a young couple who just moved into their first home and struggle with allergies.†

The three girls in this litter are a bit more shy than their brothers. Belle has the fluffiest coat of the girls, she is in the middle personality wise and is about as cute as a button. $250

Labradoodle Wyoming 8715-(2)

Sold - Rosť went to be a companion fro a woman who was going into surgery and would need a companion to recover with her. †

†Rosť is the most outgoing of the girls. She is a character and is prone to getting herself into predicaments, (like falling in the stock tank.) She is medium fluffy and has a very beautiful merle pattern coat. $250

IMG 7936

Sold - Teddy - is going to be a service dog for a military veteran who suffers from PTSD and allergies. †

Teddy is so loving! He is always giving kisses, to people, to his brothers and sisters, to the ungrateful cat. Teddy just loves love. He is the king of the puppy head tilt and is always giving me quizzical looks. He is ready for his new home. $250

If you are interested in any of these beautiful puppies please call or text Erin at 307-254-3968. All puppies will have age-appropriate vaccinations.†

Thank you so much for stopping by the Barnyard! Come Back Soon!†

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Because we are so thankful to everyone who has got a puppy from us, follows us on social media and sees this web page we want to give back to you.†

Know someone looking for a puppy? Share our web page, puppy pics or social media post, and if your friend buys a puppy from us we will give you $100 cash (or PayPal or Venmo.) Just be sure they tell us you referred them so I can contact you to give you your reward.†

This offer is Valid October 18, 2023 through December 1, 2023 for all puppies over 10 weeks old. (That's all puppies listed right now.)†

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