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Getting back to the grind!

August 30, 2016

Molly 0069

School has been back in session for a whole week now. So the kids are sitting at desks, instead on horse back. And I am back to work.

Molly 458

You would think I could update my web page more often in the summer. But it seems like I am always at a rodeo. Or rodeo camp. Or working on 4-H. (Or maybe having my head in the clouds might be the biggest problem.)

Molly 6505

But we have had the summer to try out some horses and I am getting them listed! This is Molly! She is a good one. Learn more about her here.

Diesel 0497

And we have puppies! I just love these little guys!

Spicy 0303

But I am not done! I have tons more pictures and videos to post. Stop by and see us again. Addie has some really great ponies we will be posting here soon!

Toy-puppies 0647

Thanks so much for joining me here at the barnyard! I hope to hear from you soon!

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Fair 2016

August 18, 2016


It is/was that time of year! County Fair!


We’ve been working all spring and summer for this one event! We trimmed, trained fitted and shined horses, dogs and goats!

Both kids did goats. (more pictures of this later.)


The highlight at county fair this year was definitely the dog show! Addie got Grand Champion Jr. Showman, Grand Champion Toy Dog and Grand Champion Dog overall. I told her if she wanted to go to State Fair she would have to qualify in either Rally or Agility.


So what does she do? She just wins both!


So mom, Addie, Laylah and I jump in the car and head to Douglas for a fun girls trip to state fair!

State-Fair-Dog-Show 7136

We met up with lots of friends from our area at the fair. I want to shout out a special Thank You! to Linda and Chelle Schwope for all their help and mentoring with Addie and her dog this year. (And her horse too!)


Laylah and Addie looked lovely together.


And performed well.


They got third place toy dog at the Wyoming State Fair!


But they didn’t stop there! They got Grand Champion at the Wyoming State Fair for Level I Agility!

Youtube version


Quick gif


Addie also decorated a cake and it got Grand Champion at County Fair and a third place ribbon at State Fair. Thank you so much Cammy at Cammy’s Elegant Edibles for being such a super coach and mentor for Addie’s cakes!

Addie also built a web page. You can see it here.


And now I am woefully behind on getting puppy pictures and stuff posted. But rest assured: I am working on it!

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! Please comeback soon to see puppy pictures and ponies for sale!

Also you are welcome to leave a comment below telling the kids good job at fair!

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