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Hi, I'm Erin, A woman who keeps two torches and a branding iron in the fire at all times! Join me in my adventures in life as I try to wrangle my two enthusiastic children, all my many horses, a brahma calf or ten, a whole pack of dogs and a man who is truly a western original!

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Happy Birthday Dahlia

January 12, 2018

Dahlia's-Birthday 4207

It was my niece, Dahlia’s birthday this last weekend. We were able to celebrate her birthday with not just one party, but two! That is how extra Dahlia is. Dahlia loves unicorns.

Dahlia's-Birthday 4214

Dahlia likes her big brother Dallon. And she loves unicorns!

Dahlia's-Birthday 4222

Dahlia turned FIVE this year! She is learning to read and write and likes taking dance class. And she loves unicorns!

Dahlia's-Birthday 4220

Dahlia likes anything girlie from princesses to jewelry. But she loves unicorns!

Dahlia's-Birthday 4223

What do you think Dahlia wished for this year. (Just a hint: she loves unicorns!)

Unicorn-cake-by-Cammy 4209

Thank you so much Cammy for making her this princess-worthy unicorn cake!

Cammy's Elegant Edibles

656 Road 5, Powell, wy • 307-764-2393

IMG 4545

Update - I think Ruby has found her home! Ruby is my last available puppy! She is ready for her new home. Next puppies will be announced around the first of March.

Thank you so much forjoining us here at the barnyard! Come back soon, we’ll leave the light on for ya!

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Getting moved in

January 11, 2018

Fencing-crew-at-cowpoke-corner E9844

As some of you may know, I bought a piece of land last fall. This year I was able to start improvements on it.

Fencing-crew-at-cowpoke-corner E9855

First, of course where corrals.

Fencing-crew-at-cowpoke-corner E9852

My whole family came up for a day of moving panels, digging holes and making pens.

Fencing-crew-at-Cowpoke-Corner E9858

And trust me, I have the best fencing crew around!

Digging-water-at-Cowpoke-Corner 0043

Getting a home site set up was the obvious next challenge. Dad did most all the work himself, with me helping as much as I could. I sure learned a lot! One of the biggest projects was the waterline. I had a tap put in early in the summer, but we needed to dig a line to the house. (Thank you so much dad!)

House-move 0632

The little trailer I bought was only about 2 miles away… but it was still a challenge to move it. There were a lot of hard corners to make and a few ditches to cross. (Thank you Jim and Kris Halleen for all your help!)

House-move E0640

Luckily I had Roy Watson of Git ‘R Done Transport helping me. He was patient and just rolled with the flow on this tedious project. I couldn’t have asked for better help and I highly recommend him. (406-861-6573 if you need him.)

Septic-system-at-Cowpoke-corner 0661

After the house was in, I had Ty Sammons and Sammons Excavation put in the septic tank. They had it installed in no time and where super helpful!

Electric-Trench 0734

Dad put in the electric line. With a little help form Todd, Ron and Bill, Thank you guys!


November 27, 2017 we had electricity in the house!

Hooking-up-water-at-Cowpoke-Corner 0816

Around December 1, 2017 we got a brand new propane tank and once we had heat, dad and Aiden connected the waterline to the house and we were no longer camping. Yay! Thank goodness the weather held for as long as it did this fall!

Dirty-Jeans E9827

There were a lot of long days, and dirty jeans!

Torn-up-fingers 0844

And more than a few scraped fingers.

Wyoming-skies-at-cowpoke-corner E9965

But it is so great to have my house, sitting on my land, just the way I want it. There is still a lot of work to do, I sure am thankful to everyone that helped me get this far andI can’t wait to start the yard and garden and orchard this spring!

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Tooth Fairy for Halloween

Me-and-Diablo 0337

It started in 2013 with this little Halloween Project! I just had to do it! With a name like Diablo, he has to dress up! (He sure looked cool in the pasture!)

Pumpkin 0425

Pumpkin was next, for obvious reasons.

Dalmatian-Spider 0224

And Elvis got to join in the Halloween fun with Spidey the spotty dog.

Halloween Goat 6483441-22

We even had some goat action going on...

Halloween Goat 6483441-23

This kid went to school that year.

Tooth-Fairy-the-bull 0498

We knew we wanted to dress up Tooth Fairy this year, remember him from here and here,here, and here. (Click on the link to see past blog posts.)

Watch him buck, video click here

Erin Stiver-Henson and Tooth Fairy the bull-7

We knew we wanted to dress him up, but it took the LONGEST time to think of what he should dress up as.

A fireman, a devil… a…

Tooth Fairy the bull and Addie

Tooth Fairy! Duh!

BTW, we named him when Aiden was 6 years old, Aiden had lost about three teeth the week we where thinking his name and the Tooth Fairy was a hot topic just then. I liked the irony of the name, and my big bull got a pretty name.

Painting Tooth Fairy the bull-4

So Addie and I gathered supplies!

Addie and Tooth Fairy the bull-5

There are a few things you just don’t expect to find near the stripping chute at the rodeo grounds…

Addie and Tooth Fairy the bull-6

Unless you are hanging out with me and Addie! Then it all makes sense!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0393

And Tooth Fairy got all prettied up!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0397

He has his TuTu, wings and wand, and a large amount of glitter!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0396-2

He’s ready to go Trick-or-Treating!

Or take some Teeth!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0395

Maybe I will find a dollar under my pillow tonight?

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard, we have been super busy trying to get the house on the property before the snow flies! We have lucked out and have had great weather but the clock is ticking! I am behind on correspondence, but I will get caught up!

Come back soon! Happy Halloween!

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Shadow and Bold Face

September 19, 2017

Dick-Gifford-Bucking-horse 8825

We had a couple of these good bucking horses we were selling earlier this fall.

Black-bucking-horse 8820

So I needed to get some pictures of them for the potential buyers.

Empty-Shadows 8819

And they turned out do good I had to share them.

Empty-Shadows-Bucking-horse 8826

This is Empty Shadows. He was born right in the pasture behind the house. We got to pet him and scratch him moments after he was born.

Wyoming-Bucking-horse 8829

Now he is a fantastic bucking horse, all grown up and ready to make his way in the world.

And while we are here! A HUGE thank you to David Huber of Huber Photography! He takes such fantastic photos! Head on over to his web page to check out the photos he captured of our rodeos!

Rodeo-Bucking-horse 8824

And this is Billy Bold Face.

Billy-Bold-Face-bucking-horse 8827

He is out of the old mare we called Billy’s Mom.

Bucking-horse 8822

Because we name all her foals Billy something.

Billy-Bold-Face 8817

Billy the Kid, Billy Both Socks, Billie Katelyn, Billie Black Beauty...

Gifford-bucking-horse 8821

And this is Billy Bold Face.

Bucking-horses 8823

Standing next to his nephew. Can you see the family resemblance?

Wyoming-bucking-horse-colt 8828

What do you think we should name this little cutie?

We have more bucking horses for sale, give us a ring if you’re looking for a good one! 307-254-3968

We have some practice one listed on our horses for sale page.

And we have puppies!

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I’ll Sail Away!

September 3

Cowpoke-Corner-Irrigating 8939

I don’t want to you get the idea that life is all work and no play around here.


So I thought I better share some “play” pictures. A while ago a great neighbor gave Aiden a sailboat. And since my friend and I always tease about buying a sailboat and sailing away, I thought this would be perfect!

Wyoming-sailing 8760

Turns out I know NOTHING about sailboats! Good thing I travel with MILES of baling twine.

BTW I prefer the term “lifeline” to “anchor" here.

Wyoming-sailing 8762

The kids had gone to Dubois to watch the eclipse. So we met mom at Boysen reservoir and had a great time floating around one last time before school started.

Erin-Stiver-Henson-at-the-lake 8976

Just two weeks later Dad suggested a trip to the lake and we headed up to Big Horn Lake.

Wtoming-sailing 8974

And we hoped that Jane could give us some sailing lessons.

Wyoming-surfing 8979

Turns out the ONE thing that can make the wind quit blowing in Wyoming is me and a sailboat. But we had lots of fun anyway!

Wyoming-skies 8832

Now back to the grind and even if there is a lot of work to be done around here, at least the view from my office is pretty sweet!

I-don't-think-Ruysty-trusts-my-driving 9008

One final giggle.

I have announced my latest puppies to my email notifications list. I will be posting any remaining pups here Tuesday. If you want to be on my email list please shoot me an email and let me know!

Addie and I are working on getting some more horses posted!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please come back soon!

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Life… Better love it!

August 7, 2017

image 6483441

Just when you think you have your ducks in a row, your ponies lined out, your life clicking away on the track you want...

IMG 8349


Dick got bucked off a horse and lit on his back… long story short, he broke three ribs, fractured several others and fractured his spine. But more scary, he punctured his liver and spleen and was bleeding internally.

He was life-flighted to Billings. He spent time in the ICU and the regular hospital.

He is home now, and doing well, but moving pretty slow. All the chores are on me as he recovers.

(Worst selfie ever, btw!)

IMG 8394

The kids are helping a lot!

But it has been a bit of a rough couple of weeks.

Physically and emotionally, both.

IMG 8397

Luckily we have snuck out for a couple hours of summer fun here and there.

IMG 8442

And when we can’t sneak out, we make our own fun. (They are swimming with their frogs.)

IMG 8462

This last weekend we ended our rodeo season with Washakie County Fair Rodeo in Worland on Friday and the Big Horn County Fair Rodeo in Basin on Saturday.

IMG 8305

I think we are ready to start getting ponies rode and up for sale again.

IMG 8297

And get puppies pictures taken and puppies announced.

Thank you everyone for your patience with me as I crawled into my own little hole this last couple weeks and only did what was absolutely necessary. It helped me heal and rejuvenate and I am ready to go again!

I will be answering texts, emails, Facebook messages and more over the next week. (I am way behind on correspondence!)

Addie-baby 0396

In other news! Guess what Thursday is?!

IMG 8313

My “little” Cowgirl turns 12! Can you believe it! I have one more year before she is a teenager! Everyone help me wish the best birthday in the world to my sidekick and best friend Addie! Love you darling!

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Beneath These Western Skies!

June 28, 2017

IMG 7507

If they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain mornin'
Watched those cotton candy clouds roll by

IMG 7511

They'd know why I live beneath these western skies

IMG 7502

I got peace of mind and elbow room I love the smell of sage in bloom

IMG 7503

Catch a rainbow on my fishin' line
We got county fairs and rodeos, ain't a better place for my kids to grow

IMG 7508

Just turn 'em loose in the western summer time
And if you ever held your woman on a summer's evening

IMG 7509

While the prairie moon was blazin' in her eyes
You'd know why I live beneath these western skies

IMG 7510

You ain't lived until you've watched those northern lights
Set around the campfire and hear the coyotes call at night

IMG 7501

Makes you feel alright!

Thanks for swinging by the barnyard tonight and enjoying the trampoline fun we had! Captions are lyrics from one of my favorite Chris Ledoux songs, obviously I give hime the credit. Here's a link!

We’re headed out for a ride! I’ll be posting pics of that shortly! Come back soon!

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JulieAnne - She’s sold

June 8, 2017

IMG 7333

It has been a wet spring! And the grass is growing! And the horses are fat and shiny! It is time to get some sold and get them to work.

IMG 7335

Meet JulieAnne. She is a 15 year old grade quarter horse mare. (She was papered but the people we bought her from didn’t have the papers.. one of those things.)

IMG 7336

She’s easy to catch and is polite. She is between 14-15hh. She seems to like women more than men.

IMG 7339

Kids can ride her. She is well trained. Moves off leg pressure. And I think she knows quite a bit.

IMG 7341

She’s kind and quiet. Rides down the road or trail with out spooking.

IMG 7344

Gorgeous golden palomino color with flaxen main and tail.

IMG 7343

With a kind, quiet eye.

Erin-Stiver-Henson 8252

She is fond of hugs.

Wyoming-Between-the-ears 8246

And just a nice gal to go on a ride with.

Update - She’s sold! $1500 Please call 307-254-3968. Thanks so much! Erin

More horses for sale.

Thanks for stopping by the barnyard! I have tons of other horses I am preparing to post on the web page! Check back soon!

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First Baby of 2017

May 10, 2017

Bucking-horse-mares 0781

We went out to check the bucking horse mares on Sunday, May 7 and look what we found!

Bucking-horse-mares 0783

Look fast, there they go!

Bucking-horse-baby 0871

First bucking horse baby of the year! Out of Billy Both Socks and a mare that we bought from Rob Tillett.

And you will never believe this in a million years, but he was born on my friend Billie Tillett’s Birthday! Can you believe that?!

I have no choice but to name this colt Billy Tillett. There is just no other way.

Billy-the-kid-bucking-horses 0801

Like a good uncle, Billy the Kid came to check us out, while we checked out his mares.

Gifford-and-Billy-checking-the-bucking-mares-together 0833

Gifford and Billy watching the mares.

Gifford-and-billy 0839

And saying, “Howdy."

Gifford-and-Billy-handshake 0845

And sharing a handshake.

Bucking-horse-baby 0876

While the boys where exchanging formalities, it gave the baby time to stretch out in the shade. But as I got closer mom gave him a little nudge.

Bucking-horse-baby 0880

And up he went.

Bucking-horse-babies 0888

And off they went.

And foaling season is officially started yay! Stop back again to see more baby pictures, I love to share them! Thanks so much!

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Puppies in May!!

May 2, 2015 — Update All puppies have found their homes!

Riggin x Riley

The first litter is out of Riggin x Riley, these pups were born March 12 and are ready to go! Riggin is 15" +/- and about 30 lbs, Riley is 14” +/- and about 30 lbs. They aren’t real tall dogs, but they are about as wide as they are tall. Riggin is the kindest, gentlest male dog I have ever met and Riley is happy go lucky and loves everyone!

Cinna 0735

Cinna is a red merle male, he has two blue eyes, he is the quietest and shyest pup of the litter and is absolutely stunning! $950

Iris 0776

Iris is a red tri female, she has two hazel eyes, she is super calm and loves to cuddle. $800

Chief x Gidget

The second litter is the Cheif x Gidget litter. They were born March 17, and will be ready to go the first this weekend. Chief is about 15" and about 25lbs. Gidget is 14" and about 12lbs. Both are really fabulous dogs and we have been very happy with this cras in previous litters.

Bud 0653

Bud is a black tri male, he has two brown eyes, he is a turkey! $700

Jade 0722

Jade is a black tri female, she has two brown eyes, and is full of personality! $800

Neo 0692

Neo is a blue merle male, he has blue brown eyes, he is not marked perfectly but is beautiful and as healthy as can be and full of fun! $600

If you are interested in any of these cuties give me a call or a text, I have been having a terrible time trying to keep up on my email!

Thanks so much!



Cowley-spring-Rodeo-Poster 0047

Cowley Spring rodeo is this weekend! See you all there!

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