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Hi, I'm Erin, A woman who keeps two torches and a branding iron in the fire at all times! Join me in my adventures in life as I try to wrangle my two enthusiastic children, all my many horses, a brahma calf or ten, a whole pack of dogs and a man who is truly a western original!

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Riley and Riggin

May 2, 2019

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Meet Riley and Riggin

Riggin 0131

Riggin is an older dog here on the ranch. He is calm and laid back. He always looks at me with eyes that say, “What now boss?”

When I keep a puppy I like to leave them with him. He keeps everything at level and teaches the pups how to be good dogs.

He is 15” and about 30 lbs.

IMG 3772

If you are looking for a family pet that can keep up with kids, but not run them over with too much energy. And you don’t mind a dog that tends toward the lazy, fluffy (fat) side, then a Riley x Riggin pup would be perfect for you.

Mini Aussie puppy 3193

Riley is third generation on my ranch. She is smiley and calm. She is about 14” tall but is just as wide as she is tall and weighs nearly 30 lbs most of the time.

She hangs out in the yard and doesn’t bother the livestock, chase cars or hurt chickens. I am very proud of breeding her and know that her pups are awesome.

IMG 3064

This is Sarah, blue merle female out of the Riggin x Riley litter. She is a beauty, loves to snuggle and nap! She is marked beautifully and has one blue eye and one brown. $950

IMG 3089

Sonic, black tri male out of the Riggin x Riley litter. He loves to give kisses and follow you around. He has his own mind and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what he has on it. He is a sassy smart boy! I love his personality! $750

Mini Aussie puppy 3180

Give me a call if you are interested in Sarah or Sonic. They are fantastic puppies ready for their new homes. 307-254-3968

Cowpoke Corner Calves 2014-2

While you are here be sure to look around and see all the other fun things we have going on. And check out the other available puppies!

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! Please stop by again.

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Jazzy the Brahma Heifer

March 30, 2019

Bull-riding-babe 5949

We have some spoiled bulls around here. My bull Tooth Fairy.

Calf cuddles 2602

These are Addie’s bulls Leap and Tom Thumb

IMG 2601 2

They are very loved, and very spoiled!

Brahma Calf 2450

A new little sweetheart joined the ranks the other day. She was cold and still when we found her in the corral. Her mom was a first calf heifer and didn’t really know the ropes.

Brahma Calf 2530

So we brought her in and warmed her up.

Brahma Calf 2477

She’s doing great and has a ton of personality and is super cute!

Brahma Calf 2536

She’s on the bottle. We weren’t successful on getting her back on her mom.

Cowpoke Corner Calf 2594

She travels well in the car.

Cowpoke Corner Calves 2014-2

And we just can’t get enough of our Spazzy Jazzy. She’s a keeper for sure!

Mini aussie puppy 2276

I have one Mini Aussie puppy available now. I will be announcing another litter in just a few days I hope. I am hoping for Dalmatian puppies in a couple months.

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! Please stop by again.

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Welcome 2019

January 8, 2019

Cowpoke Corner Family 0074-3

A fun-filled December started with the whole family getting together to celebrate my brother Matthew’s graduation from college in Laramie. Good job Matthew!

IMG 0309

Addie placed in the top 10 for her science fair project and gets to move on to regionals this month. Good job Addie!

IMG 0466

Aiden continues to grow and grace us with his cheerful presence. (Just joking! He’s great, but we were on our way to Christmas shopping when this photo was taken and needless to say, that is not a teenage boy’s idea of fun!)

Erin Stiver-Henson Christmas 0542

We celebrated Christmas in Worland with my family.

IMG 0526

It is always a lot of fun when we get together...

Mini aussie cowpoke corner 0591

… and there are always puppies!

Mini aussie puppy 0854

Speaking of puppies, we have a fewmini aussies that are available right now.

Brahma calf 0864

Check out this newest addition! I think she’s about as cute as she can be!

Erin Stiver-Henson 0888

Thank you for visiting and stop by again soon! Pasta and I are working together to keep up this web page and post on facebook @cowpokecornerand on instagram @erinstiverhenson. We’ll see you there soon!

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Elk Hunting

November 29, 2018

IMG 5598

Last weekend after a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends we headed up to Montana for some hunting. The morning started crisp and beautiful and quickly warmed up.

IMG 5603-2

As we drove around in the mountains looking for elk...

IMG 5605

It reminded me me of all the fun family times we had growing up hunting.

IMG 5607

Bouncing around on back roads in the pick up truck...

IMG 5610-2

Made me a little nostalgic for grape soda and generic brand Cheetos...

IMG 5612-2

And for my brothers and sister who would be sharing those snacks with me.

IMG 5622-2

We never did spot any elk, which is what happens any time I go elk hunting! But I got lots of good shots with my camera. And it was fun to add a new hunting memory that included skittles and ice tea.

IMG 5670

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! We have a couple Dalmatian puppies available at this time.

mini aussie 5582

And I have just a few mini and toy Australian Shepherd puppies that are ready to go before Christmas. Check them out.

We’ll see you next time!

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A Horse of a Different Color

October 31, 2018

Me-and-Diablo 0337

It started in 2013 with this little Halloween Project! I just had to do it! With a name like Diablo, he had to dress up! (He sure looked cool in the pasture!)

Pumpkin 0425

Pumpkin was next, for obvious reasons.

Dalmatian-Spider 0224

And Elvis got to join in the Halloween fun with Spidey the spotty dog.

Halloween Goat 6483441-22

We even had some goat action going on...

Halloween Goat 6483441-23

This kid went to school that year.

Tooth Fairy the bull 0393

Last year we knew we wanted to dress up Tooth Fairy, and it took us an embarrassingly long time to decide what to dress him up as. The Tooth Fairy! Duh!

Erin Stiver-Henson 4975

Music Man got to have the fun this year!

Zebra-horse-halloween 4977

He’s Addie’s barrel horse, so he is used to a lot of attention (and a little torture as well!)

Zebra-Horse-halloween 4995

So he was super good and stood still and let me paint him.And I think he turned into a half-way decent Zebra!

Zebra-horse-halloween 5020

The Brahma Bulls don’t really know what to think, but they are used to this sort of weirdness at my house! I think I need to saddle Music Man up and go for a ride!

Zebra-horse-halloween 5013

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Mini-aussie-puppy 4894

We have one mini aussie blue merle male puppy still available and I hope to be announcing more puppies later this week. Stop by our puppy page to check them out!

Thank you for joining us here at the Barnyard! Stop on by for a visit again soon!

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Fall 2018 updates

September 24, 2018

Summer has flown past, as always, so I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on how the family was doing.

Addie-teenager-cowpoke-corner 1848

My little Addie turned 13! She is an official teenager guys!

Back-to-school-Cowpoke-Corner 2635

School has started. Aiden is in high school! Freshman year! Addie is starting her final year as a middle schooler in 8th grade.

Aiden-football-Cowpoke-Corner 2818

Aiden is playing football and has hit the 6' mark height wise.

Aiden-15-Cowpoke-Corner 3340

And he turned 15.

Freya-dalmatian-puppy-cowpoke-corner 2649

Meet our new Dalmatian puppy Freya!

Princess-Dahlia-Cowpoke-Corner 3109

We are going to Worland and helping dad with farmers markets for (possibly) our final year as truck farmers. Dad will be turning his attention to building a house next summer.

Family-photo-cowpoke-corner 1186

We are all getting a little older, a little wiser and learning new things.

Us-Girls-Cowpoke-Corner 3703

We are incredibly blessed and thankful for every new day!

Lilac 2453

There’s one final puppy from this summers litters ready to go!

And I am planning to announce a litter of Dalmatians soon. Give me a call or text or shoot me and email if you want to visit about them!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please come back soon!

Erin 307-254-3968

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Pony Party!

September 5, 2018

Pony-Party 2875

A friend’s daughter was turning 4 and having a Unicorn Birthday Party.

Pony-Party 2882

And really…. what’s a unicorn birthday party without a pony?!

(We did TRY to make a unicorn horn, but it was not successful!)

Pony-Party 2887

Addie was a great sport and led the pony around.

Pony-Party 2914

And Bubbles was about as sweet as she could be!

Pony-Party 2915

Everyone had so much fun! Addie enjoyed it so much that she would love to do more pony parties! So call us if you need pony!

Pony-Party 2902

Thank you for having us for your special day and never outgrow your hat and cape little darling!

Belle-Mini-Aussie 3223

Thank you for stopping by the barnyard!

I have a few mini and toy aussie puppies still available. Click through to check them out!

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Spot the Toy Aussie

August 15, 2018 Update - Spot is sold!

We have puppies available! I have had a lot of people asking me for more photos so I am going to try to feature each of the puppies here, one at a time and tell you about them and show you more photos.

If there is a puppy you’d like to see featured please let me know! Thanks Erin! 307-254-3968.

Here is the link to the available puppies.

Spot-toy-aussie 2081

This is the one we call Spot.He is a blue merle male out of the toy litter by Porter and Holly. He has a classic merle patterned coat, fabulous full white collar and a little spot right on the top of his head. Two blue eyes. Pet price $950

Spot-Toy-Aussie 2093

He’s just playful and loving! He wants attention and his tummy scratched! They love people and want to be with you all the time!

He was honestly my first pick of the litter! I love his color and personality! He’s very unique and makes you love him.

If he was a girl he’d not be for sale. I love him!

Toy-aussie 2083

Let me know if you are interested in this kid! You’ll love him! I have a video of him I can text you as well. 307-254-3968

Thanks so much for joining me here! Come back soon!

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July 16, 2018

Update! All kittens have found their homes!

kitten 0762

We had several litters of kittens born this spring! My ability to discern the difference between a male kitten and a female kitten is not well honed… to say the least!

kitten 0870

So we have quite a handful of kittens needing good homes!

IMG 8025

We even had two litters of kittens born on the same day! So my cats took co parenting to a whole new level! My kittens have two mommies. Very progressive!

kitten 0871

The kittens have been inside and outside.

kitten 0876

They are using the litter box.

Kitten 0890

They have been around dogs, kids and livestock. But my dogs LOVE the cats, so they may not know to be afraid of strange dogs.

Kitten 0891

They are cute and loving, full of character. And have had their first shots.

The kittens are free, the shots are $25. Give me a call if you want one or more! 307-254-3968, thanks! Erin

Thank you so much for stopping by the Barnyard! Come back soon! We’ll leave the light on for ya!

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My Quiet South Paw

May 23, 2018


South is my little introvert puppy. He is sold.


I used to think he was independent or a loner.


Now I just realize he’s my introvert. And I totally connect with that!


In the mornings he’ll help me water and feed the calf.


In the heat of the day he likes to nap. While all the rest of my dogs kinda like to lay as near the back door as possible, and all together, South will be happy go to a quiet part of the yard and lay in the shade. Alone.


He’ll rough house and play with the other pups, but more often I’ll find him sitting on the sidelines watching the rowdy play.


His greatest joy is when we can sneak off just the two of us and sit by the drain and watch the water and listen to the frogs and birds.


I love his beautiful eye liner and his heart shaped nose. He’s shorter and thicker than his leggy brother.

Dalmatian-puppies n

If you want to meet my quiet boy give me a call at 307-254-3968.

More information click here.

Thank you for joining us here at the Barnyard! Yall com back, ya here!?

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