Dalmatian Puppies

The Dalmatian puppies welcome you to the barnyard! They are getting so big! I took them out for a photo shoot yesterday and we had total, complete and utterly enjoyable puppy madness! I loved it!

DSC 0155

There are a few things these pups need to learn living here on a Wyoming ranch.

DSC 0126

One is to know who your friends are.

DSC 0129

There is a difference between the nice cat...

DSC 0117

(We are going to use the word “nice” a little freely here.)

DSC 0112

And the not so nice cat.

DSC 0113

C’mon Tag, read the field, read the field.

DSC 0111

Oh and Iron Man takes one for the team. (Notice this is the “not so nice" cat. Not the mean cat. I think the puppies figured that one out pretty quickly.)

DSC 0172

This is Banjo, he will be moving to Utah and spending his weekends and days off at a ranch in Colorado.

DSC 0225

This is Stirling.

DSC 0132

And Tag, they get to stay together forever with an amazing woman in Kansas.

DSC 0193

Iron Man is headed to North Dakota. He is Mr. Playful.

DSC 0202

And this darling just melts my heart. Scooter is going to be a Montana dog. Ahh I just love her.

DSC 0210

Can you tell by the million or so pics I got of her.

DSC 0169
DSC 0228
DSC 0223

But how can I resist this little gal?

DSC 0234

Scooter is taking off with the cat in hot pursuit while Stirling looks on.

DSC 0178

I don’t know, you just have to love all the spots, wagging tails and a grumpy cat!

DSC 0060

And don’t even ask me what Banjo is doing here, just being a dog I guess. He tends to be the happy go lucky, yet not so coordinated one of the bunch.

DSC 0189

Yep here he is trying to pull himself back on the porch after falling partway off. Cutie Scooter just daintily walks down the stairs.

DSC 0181A

While Super Tag is flying down!

DSC 0242

And what do you suppose Iron Man and the cat are up to here?

DSC 0200

One more wrestle pic. I just love them.

DSC 0248A

The Western Original just pulled into the drive. Look at his welcome!

DSC 0252A

Yep coming home to this welcome “waggin” isn’t too bad at all!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard! It has been fun playing with the Dalmatian Puppies! If you are interested in one of these family ranch raised Dalmatian puppies for sale here at Lovell, Wyoming, please give me a call! 307-254-3968. Thanks Erin!

For more Dalmatian information click here.

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013