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September 16

IMG 4923

You can follow me on Instagram @erinstiverhenson. I am trying to get into the Instagram spirit, but… with little success.

However, if you want to post of a photo of your bull giving you a shMOOOch where else would you post it except right to Instagram.

If you wonder why the bucking bull and are are loving on each other click here to see how we raise our "rough" stock.

IMG 4938

Dad’s squash are coming on strong at the garden and they make lovely fall photographs.

Here is the link to last year’s grape harvest at Dad’s garden.

IMG 4943

Anyone know what kind of flower this is? It’s an interesting little plant that volunteered in the flower pot by my front porch. The leaves look a lot like a sunflower leaf.

This happens to be one of the only plants to survive my diggin’ dog.

IMG 4950

My Native Boy had birthday #11! Can you believe it?! Cammy made this fabulous cake for him that looks just like the buckle he won at the Meeteetse Becoming Champions Rodeo Bible camp.

Champion Heeler right here!

And yes, the cake tasted as good as it looked! Thanks Cammy!

Cammy’s Elegant Edibles, 307-764-2393,

IMG 5046

His birthday wish? A fancy dinner at a real restaurant, with candles, and more than one fork at a place setting. Yes - you know we did it.

And if you want a Throwback here is the link to last year’s Birthday Powwow!(Can you believe we went from Powwow to fancy restaurant in one year?!)

IMG 4967

Pepita is getting halter broke. No - she’s not happy about this!

Here is the link to the day Pepita was born!

IMG 4992

Prince, the handsome little guy was our last pup for sale out of the Gidget x Chief litter. He headed to his new home this morning, but isn’t he beautiful?

A link to a fun post from last summer, when we took his dad and his grandma down for a summer swim.

IMG 5005

This is Fancy, a little gal we kept out of the Gidget x Chief litter. She is my little Cowgirl’s puppy. She is already learning agility and basic obedience. Wait till you see the videos!

Click here to see my Little Cowgirl teaching a past puppy to jump through a hula hoop.

IMG 4993

I have updated pictures of the Dalmatian Puppies for sale here at our Wyoming ranch. Click through to see all the beauties!

Thank you for joining me here at the Barnyard! I hope you enjoyed my Instagram pics and a little nostalgic throwback. As always you are welcome to call me anytime! Thanks! Erin 307-254-3968.

Come back soon!

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