Pepita - the long awaited mini baby

DSC 0258

My little cowgirl has been telling me for several weeks now that S’mores would have her baby on May 3. When I woke up on the morning of May 3, and there was no baby, I thought, “Ah well, better luck next time."

DSC 0263

So we loaded up and headed to the rodeo and came home in the afternoon.

DSC 0278

To thislittlecrooked-nosed bundle of joy!

DSC 0280

30 pounds of fluffy, mini horse, cuteness!

DSC 0284

She is well loved!

DSC 0289

Completely, totally, wholly floating on a cloud of mini horse adoration!

DSC 0303

Her name is Pepita, from a much-loved-book.

DSC 0310

We will call her Peppy for short… or Pepsi. That snuck out this morning and I sort of love it.

DSC 0320

Her nose is soft, and fuzzy with long, adorable chin hairs.

DSC 0321

And totally kissable!

DSC 0324

This is love!

DSC 0330

Good night everyone! We’ll see you soon! Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard!

Erin Stiver-Henson 2013