13 Reasons to love a Dalmatian Puppy

September 22, 2014

Stnding-Dalmatian-puppy-for-sale 1480

#1. They are just so cute! This is little Blackfoot. He is the most outgoing of the boys.

Cuddly-Dalmatian-puppies 1513

#2. They love to cuddle! Blackfoot and Sioux love cuddles.

Singing-Dalmatian-puppy 1533

#3. Puppy Kisses! Blackfoot is giving them out a plenty!

Cute-Dalmatian-Puppy 1563

#4. Spotty ears. Luke has the cutest little ears!

Dalmatian-puppy-ffor-sale 1544

#5. They sit like little bears. Sioux is the cutest spotted bear isn’t she?

Sitting-Dalmatian-Puppy 1576

#6. They can look so sad. Don’t you think Luke needs a hug?

Cute-Dlamatin-Puppy-for-sale 1479

#7. They are so handsome! Isn’t Bo a Handsome dog?

Dalmatian-Puppy-toes 1591

#9. They have spotted toes! Now you know why I call him Blackfoot.

Sleeping-Dalmatian-Puppy 1595

#10. They love to nap! Wagger is the cuddliest pup of the litter.

foot-on-face-Dalmatian-puppy 5116

#11. They can sleep through anything! Sioux can sleep even though her sister, Apache is standing on her face.

Dalmatian-puppy-eyes 1601

#12. They give great hugs. Apache will need lots of hugs and reassurance. She is the shyest pup.

lap-full-of-dalmatians 5133

#13. Lots of spots! Apache, Luke, Wagger, Blackfoot and Bo. (Sioux is next to me on the right, just out of the picture.)

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard! If you are interested in one of these great Family ranch raised Dalmatians here in Wyoming give me a call at 307-254-3968. Till next time! ~ Erin

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